I think Jimmy is a nice man

I look forward to doing Logic World multiplayer! That should be fun to stream and test out.

That Daniel guy sounds super cool! I’d love to meet him!

Awesome to hear about both the delayers and the save load times - I currently have a world I estimate will take over 30 minutes to open, so it was well needed. Glad to have you all back!

Awesome suggestions, @Ry, I think the Multi-Grab would be super useful!

The official Logic World Discord would be a good place to do that: https://discord.gg/C5Qkk53 . We quite commonly discuss LW ideas between members and the developers are usually quite active. I also believe I’ve seen mega-lists of LW ideas in the discussion forums here, but you will definitely get more discussion from the Discord!

While I agree with the error in the user profiles when you click them, I think the lack of ability to edit the title could be intentional? I know other social networks operate in that way to prevent a post from being completely hijacked once it gains momentum (i.e. posting an interesting/funny post that everyone likes, and then updating it to be blatant advertisement).

What wonderful builds used in the Lighting Settings imagery, the person who made those builds must’ve been a very handsome man.

Jimmy mentioning my stream in LWW? Ok, this is epic.

Unfortunate that current circumstances have led to the delay. I am confident you will release a great product! I love what I see so far.