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there is only one problem I see with this implementation, and that is that a wire is not always parallel to a board, so a peg may not always have a place to mount. If this were a component, it would also allow for those trade-offs that Jimmy is so fond of; easy to break out vs compact or something similar.

My assumption is that component movement is handled on a per-slot basis. If the internals of a slot are handled wrong, it might try to place something in place of it before it moves.

That’s the exact behavior that showed up in version 0.90 as well! Did you also see the flickering ripple when moving in a direction that would cause a crash? If you move it in the other direction there is no crash (nor flickering ripple).

I’m pretty sure Jimmy confirmed that this is a bug.

Did you see the new buffers? They are much smaller than the old ones, and they’re more comparable to the blotters of tung. Does that fill your request?

A very large portion of the user base is made up of minors.

One of the best engineers playing this game right now (that I know of) is somewhere around 11 or 13. I became interested in digital logic sometime around 7th grade (when I was somewhere around 12 years old), and I really wish I would have had a simple to use sandbox like this to mess around with digital logic.

Granted, Redstone was there to fill the void a little bit, but this is just so much easier to use, and I would have loved it at 12.

That’ll come out sometime in April of next year


Is 165 the big that you’re talking about?

The one that causes a crash when moving fine placed components (165 I think?)

I guess the second Oracle protest worked lol