Should I question my sanity… That is RightALT not LeftALT failing there…

For me the crosshair is just black in high contrast mode.
6.1 Manjaro Linux
NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (ID: 6427 | 2GB)
API: OpenGLCore: 4.5 | 530.41.03
(Features: True, no ray tracing, shader: 5.0, 16K).

Ahh good old -force-vulkan aka the crash on launch option :P
Nah I rather take the solid-color crosshair over Vulkan - Out of memory! crashes.

Ahh okay, I overlooked that fact. That makes it troublesome indeed.
No hurry with an improvement here, as its not bugging anyone.

Quality screenshot with quality questionmarks :P

Nothing seems to be listening to that callback. Funnily after the report my need to use that callback also ceased.
A harmless oversight, but should maybe be fixed at some point, especially because its a 5 minutes job.

Closed the ticket for you.

If you have questions about how to use the game, you will get help on the games Discord server, a great place to ask :)

TPS and Simulation pause state are not managed via ExtraData. So one just has to acquire an ExtraDataAccessor and can directly modify that to update the simulation (and the clients as well as the saved state on disk).

💬 Commented on basic server3 months ago

Note, that IP does not exist. Nobody can join.
IPs starting with 10. are local IPs for private networks.
Please edit your post, so that it contains the public IP of your server.
(Another note: The server is not using the GPU).

There are a few things you can do :)
[Still on 0.90.3? Feel free to update.]

  • If you had mods installed, remove them - they very likely prevent starting of the game (there should only be a MHG folder inside of GameData).
  • Currently corrupted worlds prevent starting the game, rename your saves folder, see if that fixes it.
  • I assume you already used Steams “verify game files”, in that case you can also rename the settings_master.succ and the settings_profileX.succ files (will delete your settings!!!).

But if you do not want to poke in the dark, or all this does not help you. Just look into the logs folder, get the latest log, look for an error message of sorts. Reply to this message with it, and I can help you - probably.

To speed up the whole debugging speed, feel free to join the games Discord server and ask for help there.

Luckily I figured out why I do not see Email from LW anymore.
I can now use them as notification (although the links in the emails do not work). I at least know what the answer was for.

Nevertheless, this bug is critical and should be fixed rather soon than later.