Love the visualization of the colliders :+1:

But I wonder how it performs in an area with many many components…
If it takes as long as the join time, because all the components are close to each other, I fear it might lag the game quite a lot.
But this is just speculation.

Jimmy: Wait its a Unity bug?!
Unity: Always has been!

Even more looking forward!

So here are a few questions for this LWW:

  • Regarding the checklist/todos:

    • Collision and instancing are (almost) down!
    • What about inport/export of subassemblies, is that already done?
    • For when is subassemblies in hotbar scheduled?
  • So RAM usage decreased due to less colliders and no longer having to store meshes?

  • Didn’t you plan to update Unity in 0.92, or is there a pending major version and you updated to a minor version?

I see no problem. One can always use a modded memory component, if performance really is an issue.
Personally I am doing a hybrid way of using mods. I use vanilla where possible, but replace repetitive circuits with a mod. Well this requires to be able to write such mods.
But really I think the most difficult aspect of this is actually writing the compiler (in assembly).
I am on my way to archive this, but it will probably still take a few months - am still working on the display + keyboard (aka IO).

“Multiplayer” no. I always use multiplayer.
I highly dislike SinglePlayer and only use it for mod-development.

Heh, I am keeping them alive.
I have a modded server where I am building stuff. But it is dedicated for one project. And others may help - but do not start their own project.