@Jimmy I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better mentally :)

I’m going to be able to add undo and redo to Logic World!

Hell f-ing yeah, this is the best news!

I am so looking forward to these very much hyped up building mechanics changes :)

For the unicode insertion it might be worth having a dropdown textbox appear for typing the hex into or simply just paint a rect behind the hex while inputting it is in progress. Just a bit of visual feedback :)

Something that might be worth adding to the chat window is an optional permanent underlay of configurable opacity. I can see that being a significant win for accessibility especially for vision impaired individuals.

I love the honesty and transparency. When it was mentioned a few days ago that the translation hadn’t even been begun that was a hint to all the little details which are easy to overlook from an outside perspective but still need attention before launch. I look forward to playing LW when it releases in 2023!