I wasn’t necessarily thinking of audio, more of a thing that visual changes each tick, but having sound effects for it could be really cool :)

There is a feature I had been thinking of for the simulation speed changes and this is the perfect opportunity to bring it up. I think it would be useful in isolation but the addition of dedicated stepping shortcuts may reduce its usefulness.

When following a circuit’s behavior at a slow tick rate it could be cool to have a metronome of a kind to signify each tick when they occur, so you can follow along with the tick-tock of the simulation stepping along even when you cannot see states changing in the specific area you are looking.

Hahaha, you can’t trick us. Those are just blotters! :P

@Jimmy I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better mentally :)

I’m going to be able to add undo and redo to Logic World!

Hell f-ing yeah, this is the best news!