It’s amazing to hear just how much feelings can be conveyed with music. I really get the feeling of wanting to slap inverters together to create intricate and overengineered systems. It matches the game just as well as I’d hoped. but, of course, not everything can be conveyed just by sound. that’s why Jimmy’s new “see before you change” in the settings is super welcome! A feature I’d wish every game had. Then at last (but not least) we have things that can be conveyed with neither sound nor visuals. Server performance! Though it might not sound all that important, I definetely think this will be a great boost in performance, especially for lower-end systems. Oh boy, I haven’t been so hyped for a game in ages.

It’s so nice to see btis and Bobby’s being added, the display color preview will come in really handy!

AAA devs: wha? Nah we ain’t giving our hard work away for free, develop it yerself ya asshats. Indie devs:

i don’t have a huge comment like @nik does, but i do want to say that i really like all the customization options. this will make organizing things so much nicer. and 1-tick delayers! my dream! pipeline cpu’s are just a few months away… i love the addition of the option to resize your stands, that is going to make compact circuits even more confusing (and fun!) to make. my initial sadness about the delay has been made up for within a single week, by a post about delay. how odd. as always, i love the additions and changes you guys do, keep up the good work!


jimmy: country roads played on a keyboard, but not a keyboard