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Sorry, could you clarify what you mean by this?

Yeah, after recording I noticed that and I was like “what the hell” but it was 5am and I just wanted to go to bed so I left it lol

I agree the small resizing UI needs improvement. Will continue to iterate on it.

Thank you for your enthusiastic use of the tracker 😄

I completely agree that this would be fun and cool, to use the direction of mouse movement for mouse dragging but toggle for single clicks. However, as you pointed out there are a ton of edge cases to account for, and it’d be very difficult to get behavior that works like this and feels consistent and intuitive across all situations. Something to look into in the future, perhaps, but the effort-to-value ratio is too low to work on at the moment.

No, they just toggle state when they’re clicked on. Requiring a mouse gesture would be a lot more tedious. You could mod in that behavior if you really wanted it though.

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