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Now that the game is released, we’ll always ensure forwards-compatibility of saves. I am planning to change the file format of saves in this update, but there will be a converter. Anything you build in 0.90, you can continue working on in 0.91.

Yep… one should try to avoid hacky solutions, but sometimes nothing else is practicable, and you just have to make the best of it.

What about inport/export of subassemblies, is that already done?

For when is subassemblies in hotbar scheduled?

The backend for these is almost done, I mostly just have to code the UI for it.

So RAM usage decreased due to less colliders and no longer having to store meshes?

Yep! The 1 million inverters save uses ~4GB of RAM in my dev version.

Didn’t you plan to update Unity in 0.92, or is there a pending major version and you updated to a minor version?

You remember correctly, and you assumed correctly :) for 0.91 I’ve updated from Unity 2019.4.17f1 to 2019.4.37f1. For 0.92 we’ll be updating to 2021.3.

Regardless of your hardware, the new rendering tech will be faster than the current rendering tech. Everyone will get a performance boost out of this.

I believe Ryan has plans to start LogiCity 2.0 soon. I recommend contacting him on Discord if you want to be part of it :)

You can install Steam on multiple computers, and install LW that way. Furthermore, Logic World is totally DRM-free, so you can just copy the files from one computer to another if that works best for you.

It’s true that the public-server multiplayer community has died down a lot. I believe this is for two main reasons:

  1. Logic World 0.90 runs into severe performance problems with very large worlds. When you have a public server with lots of people building, the world will inevitably become very large.
  2. Logic World 0.90 has very limited tools for managing public servers. You cannot mark a build or area as protected, for example.

Issue 1 will be addressed in update 0.91 (see the recent development updates for more details) and issue 2 will be addressed in update 0.92. I believe that we will see a renaissance of public servers when update 0.92 drops. Until then, Logic World multiplayer is best in private servers among small groups of friends.

BTW, everyone – there probably will not be a LWW next week, as I have a very busy schedule this week outside of gamedev.

Great question. In 0.90, all geometry is colored using the vertex color of the combined mesh. So, if we want to change the color of a Display, we check and see that this display uses vertices 2469 through 2493 in the combined mesh. We then modify the combined mesh with an updated vertex color array, where all those vertices have been set to the new color.

The method used in 0.91+ with GPU instancing is much more efficient (and sane). Each rendered instance contains a piece of “Color” data, which is used by the instance shader.

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