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This is not a feature of the vanilla game, but there are already some mods which add it! Here is one such mod: https://github.com/kyle-marshall/file-emitter

As you’ve apparently discovered, these text strings are defined in the mod’s localization files :) I’m happy to see folks playing with the modding systems already, even in their current early state.

This can be fixed by using Buffers instead of Fast Buffers. The behavior you describe is one tradeoff of using Fast Buffers.

de rien :)

Indeed; the playerscale command is just for fun and not officially supported. It’s a side effect of how crouching works.

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Oh, by the way - I think you’d really enjoy another new logic game called Turing Complete :)

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I wish you could see it from the perspective of someone that doesn’t have a CS degree

I think I’ve got that covered, since I do not have a CS degree.

I agree that more guidance/instruction is needed in Logic World. My perspective on this issue has evolved somewhat in the two years since I left the above comment. Those things will come with time, but I ask for your patience; the next few updates will be focused on making the sandbox more polished and complete. Game development is an unfortunately slow process, and we can’t do everything at once.

I’m really happy that you like Logic World. If you feel like you’ve exhausted your list of things to do in the current game, consider putting it down for a while. When you come back later, the game will be better and there will be more structure & learning resources available to you.

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At the default simulation speed, 30 ticks == 1 second.

I am planning to add first-class VR support shortly after we hit 1.0. Until then, I think somebody was working on a mod for it…

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