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Good thoughts. ExtraData is a bit of a messy system at the moment, it needs cleanup.

The screenshots in this post are from a world that was sent to me by @GHXX. Thank you GHXX!

Disregard my previous comment – there was some confusion about which music-randomly-resetting bug we were talking about. The one I described in my previous comment was about stutters of a few milliseconds, and is now being tracked at https://logicworld.net/tracker/464.

This issue report was about the music resetting to several whole seconds ago. I have properly fixed it for the next preview :)

Reloading the map does not work either.

In that case, could you please provide a save file upload of a map where this issue is present, so I can investigate it?

Do you know a way to reliably reproduce this?

In the next preview (623) I’ve fixed a related issue (#437), so hopefully that fix also fixed this bug…

OK, I have a hunch about what’s causing this for you, and I’ve implemented a hopeful fix for the next preview. Let me know if it’s still happening for you when that’s available.