The translators and Beta testers are Awesome :D

I can’t wait to enable the fun spinny triangle and finally resize boards. not being able to resize was one of the most annoying things in tung, well done Jimmy!

The login system sounds great and I can’t wait to add all my friends to my friends list, Great Job Pipe01!

that was an interesting bug, good job fixing it.

Fun Bannder I made fun banner I made

I love the Devilish Details series, so many improvements in a very dense format. Good Job pipe, you and your skills are amazing.

Jarvi, your Mandelbrot machine is looking amazing so far.

I like the Bug-fix list, it shows how much is being accomplished in one week.

Thank you. I kinda messed up Q3, a better way to phrase it would be:

If we purchase from logicworld.net, do we have to download every update from the web browser or will there be some kind of launcher?

(from your answer above I assume that a launcher is not planned for 1.0)

💬 Commented on Testing?2 years ago