I think the size does reset on crouching and flying, so we might meed a mod

If we don’t do the 10:1 scale thing, I’ll prob let people transfer their buildings over to the new one

ah, thanks for telling me

I did, but it didn’t show up

Footer The final 16 bytes of every Blotter file are 72-65-64-73-74-6F-6E-65-20-73-75-78-20-6C-6F-6C , which is UTF-8 for “redstone sux lol”. thats so funny

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There is a setting called “Offline Name” which is the name used when your offline or on a non-verified server. it is in the multiplayer tab

There is already a private beta test, though a public one is very unlikely


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also, logicworld.net/browse is gone

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