Oooh that multi-edit feature looks amazing!

Can’t wait to see the game tracker :D

(Jimmy, on the second video the sound is more muffled and noisy, you might have accidentally changed your recording settings :o)

Woohoo I was waiting to be able to change my profile picture, great work Felipe!!

I love core refactorings, it’s always so satisfying once it’s done and the compiler isn’t cursing you and your family for fifty generations anymore :D

That is the coolest 404 page I’ve even seen!

Can’t wait to see these new building mechanics!!

I like circuit simulation optimizations :D

The sockets are super cool! Now we won’t have people ask What’s the snapping peg do? in the Discord anymore :D

Ceci n’est pas un comment

Nik reporting 99% of the bugs lol

The bug tracker looks awesome!

So now to turn that frown upside down you just have to place an Australian chair!

That panoramic screenshot looks super cool!

Woohoo so much stuff!

I thought there was a pretty background on the main menu? Also, the Achievements button having a font size smaller than the rest bugs me lol