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Will this break old saves or should it be safe with them?

looking forward to using the new and improved sockets :)

Very nice work, Look forward to using the sockets. Now I can make GOL easily :)

wow being able to take 360 pictures is crazy


Logic Diagram

enter image description here

you can chenge it up to this if you prefer

ONE LAST UPDATE SORRY: enter image description here

my best solution is 1 unit high, 3 wide, and 6 long. It is the most reduced logic available. :)

heres the board: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xa72ho3v78835x5/nik-.tungboard/file

wow, this is absolutely amazing! <3 I cannot wait to use these! Thank you jimmy and pipe!

are most of the future updates before release cosmetic? Or will there be any more logic stuff to add? I only ask because I’m curious if feb 2020 launch will not be postponed.

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I think the issue can be solved with in game mono-stable blocks with editable delays/pulse lengths.

i cant wait to make a mandelbrot generator :D

very nice work! :)