If you’ve seen the minecraft user “Nik”, that is NOT me. The password for that account is public, and used by hundreds of people.

One thing I’m super pumped about with this plan is multi-select…

Oh FUCK yeah!! Bulk operations are key to making building as pain-free as possible. <3

Welp it doesn’t seem to work on mobile lol


Makes me wonder, though… if player A rotates an inverter clockwise, player B rotates it back, and player A rotates it forward again, did both players just invalidate the other’s last undo move, making the rest of the undo stack inaccessible?

Can you ramble about how undo is handled in server scenarios with multiple people building the same creation? Or at least how you hope it to be implemented?

Ecconia just fyi I love your in-depth thoughts and ramblings.

p.s. I use the comment section <3

YESSS the chat is now the notification system that I’ve thought this game was missing for so long!

These kinds of nice fixes and polish make me so happy.

Goddamn I noticed something was up with the missing avatars but I didn’t realize I’m reading this LWW on another new site rewrite…. in less than a week!!!

make the drag and drop functionality work the same way on the hotbar!! :D

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