If you’ve seen the minecraft user “Nik”, that is NOT me. The password for that account is public, and used by hundreds of people.

don’t think I didn’t notice that beautiful new update order <3

Thank you for your thread! it’s been really helpful to me and I know a few others who used it really heavily

Really interesting seeing this update marked as “High priority” on steam! Haven’t seen that before. Only 8MB too, very nice! And this changelog is just… perfectly written and detailed for those who care about changes like this, which is probably most people on this forum in the early stages of the game. 1010 update. Thank you!!

the entirety of the issue tracker hehehe

Added new “Buffer” component, which is like a Fast Buffer but it has an output peg and has a delay of one tick. Buffers are smaller than Fast Buffers, and can be fine-rotated.

Hmm. Cool! I wish it was functionally beneficial to use this instead of a delayer set to 1, though. Like the old “Small delayers” before the game was released had the unique ability to fit immediately next to each other. Considering the delayer has a physically higher output blot, I’ll probably find myself using those more frequently than slow buffers for building compact circuits

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oh god you’re right

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YEP, I’m going to keep using this.

So this is intentional behavior. A while ago I made a forum post detailing a few different ways I could see delayers being implemented, and discussing pros and cons. I appreciate @jimmy for talking with me about it and considering the options, though in the end he stuck with his original choice, and delayers do not change state unless the input has been different to the output for the length of the delayer itself.

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you did it, the game actually came out this time! now you have to update the wording on this Q&A lol