💬 Commented on Ryan's Server!3 months ago

cool, new server… will be joining

📜 basic server on Logic Buddies5 months ago

thanks, i didnt know until recently

💬 Commented on Output Pegs1 year ago

buffer/fast buffer :/

ive deleted so many comments because i thought they were duplicate before lol

its just the code display a base and then finishing up and displayed the correction speed. Even with optimization you can do much about that without using a new method of FPS displaying,

Yea, I mainly meant for vanilla. With mods, certainly possible. Also, GL!

(looking forwards to writing shadercode lol)

its down forever i think until .91 or .92 yay

Sweet! Thanks.

Incase you need to know, I bought it on Steam. Which gives me less hope because Steam might reject a game it didn’t really verify or anything.

hm, interesting. I would love to see a server dedicated to something like LogiCity. (I was there when the creator placed down the first roads!) I can’t wait until Logic World servers could have 2 or more people playing on them constantly! - いんてrねt まn