Yes, you are right, my description is not helpful. I build a 4 bit system on a very big board (a complete 4 bit ALU), flat on the ground. And now i want to staple 4 of them for a 16 bit system, like the levels of a house. One above the other. Using Clone its easy to get 4 pieces…but its not easy to staple them. I am sure there a a lot ofy ways to do this. I use a fifth board, like a vertical wall. And now i connect my 4 boards to this fifth wall on one side, one above the other, like the levels of a house. And there starts the fight ;-).

Thanks a lot, I know them. But I found a other solution, I build the levels of a “hight-tower” block in a 90 degree lying position, after finishing all my levels I rotate the complete “building”. I think I have to “train” building towers…

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What is the advantage of playing on a server? I play the game a lot, I am designing a relay-CPU, but why should I play on a server?

Wow, thanks a lot! Grab and THEN press R. I deleted all parts on a board one after the other…this saves me lots of time.