been following this for a while now. as an avid user of the project red mod in minecraft, i am really looking forward to playing the game (if just to get to build faster circuits than in minecraft ;) ). I must admit though, patience is not one of my strong points. I realize you want to release a polished product…but the thing is you might never know if it truly is polished, and even then…it will take probably more time than you care to admit. Perhaps it’s not important that it truly is ‘finished’…just that there’s something we can use now. All the screenshots and videos you post certainly attest to that.

You might want to try how some other games go about it, like Satisfactory or Space Engineers. They have been in early access for quite some time now, (SE went 1.0 just a little while ago) and they have been filling in the gaps with every release since then. There have been many pains and the tech tree is still not finished, but it is quite playable none the less. Many games on steam, epic, etc go through this process. Trust me when I say, people will still buy the game. they can tolerate the missing bits, and with a running base, it’s quite easy to get the bug reports in and work them out as you go. Extras can come as they get done…dont worry, we can wait.

I know you’re just 2 people working on a huge project, but teasing people with 2 different release dates, and seeing its been pushed back yet again…that really doesn’t fly well with the general population. I know because I’ve been there myself with past projects. That’s why the terms ‘beta’ and ‘early access’ exist ;)

I suppose that mod will be popular once released.

Let me pose another question then: Would it be possible to delete a populated board? That would make things a little less frustrating.

you could look at how a lot of creative minecraft servers partition the landscape into ‘plots’ (via a bukkit plugin) where each user gets their own plot, say 64x64 tiles, 100x100 , etc. users are free to do whatever they want to do inside their own plot, including adding other people to the plot so they too can build. The plugin has other features like merging plots together to form larger ones…tie in an economy system where users can ‘buy’ plots with ingame currency, points gained by time playing on the server, points for up-voting the server, etc. you get the idea ;)

the ‘usual’ format i’ve seen on minecraft servers is 1) a pvp or survival world 2) a creative world that is free for all 3) a plot world where people have their own areas to build in 4) sometimes a ‘learner’ area, like most redstone servers have…you have to prove yourself in the learner area by building something ‘simple’ like a 4bit cpu, a 16 bit alu, perhaps a simple game (tictactoe, simon, connect 4) before they let you loose on the plots. great way to filter out the bad ones ;)

may i ask…will most of the logic elements be there? like and/or/xor gates, multiplexer, some form of memory like sr latch, d latch, etc?

I do a lot of logic work with project red in minecraft. Im REALLY hoping this provides something like that, but faster than minecraft ;)