You might need to revise some of this markup. It does get messed up slightly once posting.

The steamcmd is a good addition. Setting up ufw is a bit specific.

I am hoping Jimmy removes authorization on the dedicated server install so the steamcmd command can be done anonymously, then we can containerize this…

Sorry for the late reply,

The config file is a bit weird, and it picks and chooses different parts of it from two separate config files. Ensure you have set the correct values in the appropriate config file.

There is this divider in config.succ, this is the dividing line:


The variables above this can be overridden in config_override.succ.

The variables below cannot be overridden, and will always use the values in this master file.


This can be misleading if you have copied the succ file and it isn’t the master file, but still says it is!

If this doesn’t help then I am not sure, I have low confidence in the config files. A lot of my settings have always been ignored.

As far as your second issue, at many stages the requests can be blocked, NAT => Port Forwarding => IP Tables ( You should really be using UFW )

Test getting any traffic to your server from outside ( Serve an empty website or something ) Really, Really check if your IP Tables are buggered, it’s easy to do. It might be worth clearing it then using UFW instead. Test connecting locally from your computer to your server Test sending UDP requests to the server from the machine itself

The InternetProtocolOveride setting is a bit broken and also really should just not exist. Also, ensure you have set it in the Correct Succ File

  • IPv4 breaks if you have both IPv4 and IPv6

  • IPv6 is fucky, also most people can’t connect to it [Maybe sit a reverse proxy in front of it that takes IPv4 connections and translates it to IPv6]

  • IPv6_DualStack works for a lot of people, but it forgets IPv4 exists

  • Default works for a lot of people

Just quickly ammended config.succ, will add details about steamcmd and hopefully docker soon.

You cannot remove any part that has another part attached to it unless you are holding it with G.

How easy will it be for the community to make Mods for this game when it comes out?