I use arch BTW

I hope you remembered to offset player to player teleport. You wouldn’t want to teleport inside someone. Also you should be facing the target player so you wouldn’t need to look for them.

See my response to Jimmys post :)

Since you added this as an option i cannot complain any more. I just can give you suggestion to make the colour preset behave on the advanced menu the same way it behaves on new menu. Like i stated it the post, just clicking on one preset should apply and close the window automatically. Adding and removing should be done with drag and drop instead of those icons that appear on the preset.

HEY!? I was using color picker a lot to fine tune colors before i settled on one. Now it requires an extra step to fine tune it :( You should just have made preset sidebar behave like the new UI (hover and click to select color without pesky icons that never worked on Linux) Adding and removing could have done by dragging and dropping. Having the colorwheel visible is not inherently bad, people just don’t have to use it. Also since color presets never worked on Linux i got used to ctrl+mouse3 on different colored boards and use these as presets. That works surprisingly well and i don’t see myself stopping to use it even if presets start to work correctly.

Good that you are proud of your work and no disrespect but this is how i feel. I just cant like the new system if i loved the old one so much. :)

I truly hope you just made AND gate configurable not just add 3 more items that shouldn’t be there into the component menu.

PS. Thanks but no thanks for the obvious joke about game coming out in a month.

Just allowing us to draw the texture on BLANK BOBBY™ would be awesome. It would take the character customization to whole another level without making things too complex or take us too far from the intended 1.0 simplicity.

Just make sure at one point you will hit a point where you are happy enough with the game. It’s possible to continue developing it later on too! Don’t fall into this will be last feature we implement, we promise loophole :)

I like the first option more, gives me more control over things :D

Board preview is a neat idea but is it sure it doesn’t create problems with huge boards? No one would like to click on the board list and then wait 10 seconds for preview to load until they can do anything else… I don’t doubt Jimmys ability to make it work good but just in case i would suggest adding an option to turn off the previews. Or even better: The game should quit trying to render the image if it takes longer than a second or so and display a button to force load it anyway if players needs it.