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#20 Remember scroll position seems to be broken

WebsiteBugby @Ecconia3 weeks ago


  • Turn on remember scroll position (it is already on for me).
  • Go to a forum and choose the first thread.
  • Scroll down.
  • Use back button.

Now one is on that forum but scrolled down. It did not remember the scroll position.

-> It just seems to be inverted…

@pipe01Developer2 weeks ago

Should hopefully be fixed

@Ecconia2 weeks ago

I just tested it - seems to work for most cases.
However it still fails, if the (wrong/old) scroll position requires the previous page to load more entries - such as the Thread lists.

@pipe01Developer2 weeks ago

Yeah that’s a more complicated case, I’ll work on it too

@Ecconia3 weeks ago

Turning the remember scroll position off remembers the scroll position…..