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#21 Mobile browsing: Broken menu

WebsiteBugby @Ecconia3 weeks ago

The menu (three bars) does not open anymore on mobile devices (Android: Firefox/Chrome).

Navigation is pretty much impossible on mobile. Except by using the big buttons on the main page.

On top, requesting the desktop site on mobile devices does not show the desktop-header bar.
Please reconsider how you switch between both.

*Additional information: When pressing the menu button, one can see a gray outline around the button.

IMPORTANT: Having “server sided rendering” ON, (which is default on mobile), the menu breaks!!

@Ecconia1 week ago (edited1 week ago)

Not fixed. Still an issue.

As in, pressing the “three bars” does nothing. The menu won’t open. I do not even remember how it looks like :D

-> Bug updated, its “server sided rendering” which breaks the menu button.

@shamus0303 weeks ago (edited3 weeks ago)

On top, requesting the desktop site on mobile devices does not show the desktop-header bar.

The header uses responsive styling entirely based on screen width. IMO this is nice (as long as the hamburger menu works!)

Glad I’m not the only one seeing this issue. It has been broken for me since the rewrite!

@Ecconia2 weeks ago

My mobile has a 1080p display. If I change the orientation to wide-screen the website fully ignores that. Despite having a normal computer resolution and aspect ratio.

@pipe01Developer2 weeks ago

Currently the navbar switches to regular desktop when the window is more than 992px long, which is Bootstrap’s “large” breakpoint

@Ecconia2 weeks ago

Cannot confirm. My previous statement holds. I have a website bar width of 1920px and it still folds it. If you want, I can send you a screenshot on Discord.

Using Android with Chrome/Firefox, both have the issue.

@pipe01Developer2 weeks ago

That’s weird, is that on a mobile device? It should collapse on 992px unless Bootstrap is doing some other fucky wucky business

@Ecconia1 week ago

Yes, it is on a mobile device. However this issue is about the menu-button not working at all.