#4 Comment box: Automatic size adjustment

area: comments
WebsiteFeature requestby @Ecconia3 weeks ago

When writing comments on the website, the comment box is about 2 lines high (can be manually expanded).

  • When creating a new comment:
    It should automatically (while typing) increase its size, until a certain reasonable max-height is reached. Maybe 10 or 20 lines.

Next section is ~~STRIKETHOUGH’D~~ (or not :/)
~- When editing a comment:~
~It should automatically grow to a size, which has either the max-height or wraps the whole content.~

This increases the usability of the website. At least I always have to expand the comment boxes. And I also edit them often, which forces me to expand these comment boxes each time.

@Ecconia3 weeks ago

Expanding the comment box does not apply to the issue tracker body field.

@Ecconia3 weeks ago (edited3 weeks ago)

Ignoring the fact that this is two issues (Gonna make another issue for that). It was not done “properly”.

There are following issues with the current state:

  • There is no maximum size at all anymore, or one that is way too large. Maybe add a “site setting” for if input-boxes should have a maximum size for automation.
  • If you manually made the text-area smaller, adding a newline, will not only append a line, but fully wrap the whole comment again. (Not good).
  • Personally I see no point in making the text box bigger than what you can see on your monitor.