Fixed in 0.91 Preview 622

#443 [0.91 preview 510] Error report should show file name, not the name of an object-uuid

GameBugby @sgalatis7 months ago

2022-10-31T04:16:27Z | ERROR | [SceneAndNetworkManager] going to error screen with message: "Invalid file data on line 162 of MemoryReadOnlyDataFile_5a23f310-feb2-455e-b57a-1c82dbe991e7. Expected data of type LogicWorld.SharedCode.Components.ComponentInfo, but couldn't interpret data as that type (node has 3 children)"

the error was in the SUCC file of the mod im working on (just an accidental typo). I know it is my fault, but MemroyReadOnlyDataFile_xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx etc is very difficult to interpret as the succ file it was parsing. mod authors might want to see the name of the file the game was parsing to know where that error happened. At least the line number was correct ;)

@JimmyDeveloper5 months ago

Fixed for next preview :)

@Ecconia6 months ago (edited6 months ago)

Note to self (or whoever might fix this issue):
In LogicWorld.SharedCode.dll : ModFilesExtensions, there is ReadableDataFile ReadAsSUCC(this ModFile file) => new MemoryReadOnlyDataFile(file.ReadAllText());
Without setting the file path as identifier of the MemoryReadOnlyDataFile.

Funnily this method is only used for component files.
And there exists in LogicWorld.Modding.Assets.dll : ModFileExtensions this ReadableDataFile ReadAsSUCC(this ModFile file) => new MemoryReadOnlyDataFile(file.ReadAllText(), file.Path);
Which is the same, except that it sets the identifier… Yay.