#452 [0.91 preview 586] Somtimes a board cannot be resized

area: building
GameBugby @sgalatis6 months ago

There are times when I use a board to mount quite a few items to it, and in an instance where I just needed 1 or 2 more squares to extend it…all i get is a green border on the board, no resize arrows. Ive removed any components that could have ‘blocked’ the resize (they werent…just to see if it would resize anyway) and I still get the green border, no arrows. The board is not large, maybe 2x17, so its def not a size limitation. it does have 16 sub boards attached to one side, which, again, should not block the resize since they are mounted along the ‘top’ surface, not the edges, and def not blocking the direction i want to extend the board in. Reloading the map does not work either. the game considers the board n/a for resize ops, so I have to attach another board to the edge i want to extend. Not the first time I’ve seen the bug, its been present on several versions of the game.

@JimmyDeveloper5 months ago

Reloading the map does not work either.

In that case, could you please provide a save file upload of a map where this issue is present, so I can investigate it?