Logic World Wednesdays: Menus and More

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper3 years ago

Welcome to another Logic World Wednesday! This week, Jimmy works on the UI system for the game, and Felipe continues to add features to logicworld.net.

We’re trying out a new format this week: rather than giving each developer their own section, the post is divided into sub-topics, each with a developer’s name attached.

UI Refactoring - Jimmy

I spent this week going over all our UI code, adding features, fixing bugs, and reworking everything to be more flexible/modular. The goal is to establish a set of tools that help us build functional and beautiful menus very quickly. This isn’t quite done, but it’s close.

Localization Improvements - Jimmy

Logic World will be localized into several different languages. This week I’ve made some improvements to the system that allows the game to switch languages.

Firstly, mods can now use the localization system. Mods can now add translations for any text they add. Mods can even add entire new languages!

Next, I added a language fallback system. This allows localized text to revert to a different language if a translation is not found in the preferred language. For example, say you’re a native Spanish speaker but you know some English. You have the game language set to Spanish. However, you’ve installed a mod which only has translations for English and Portuguese. Without language fallback, all the text from that mod would say “missing localization” - but if you assign English as a fallback, that mod will be in English even while the rest of the game is in Spanish.

If you’re fluent in a non-English language and you’d like to help translate Logic World, please send us an email at hello@mousehatgames.com. Translators will get their name in the game credits!

Post likes - Felipe (aka pipe01)

Last week I was crunching numbers and I discovered that more people are visiting Facebook than logicworld.net. While investigating, I found that we were missing a like button! This shall be no longer; there is a button with a heart in it at the end of this post, make sure you try it out!

Nested comments fix - Felipe (aka pipe01)

As you may have noticed on the last LWW, comments weren’t working properly. Specifically, you weren’t able to reply to 1-level deep comments. I haven’t yet found the change that introduced this bug, but I suspect it’s related to a merge in posts and work items (more on work items later 😉). Whatever the cause, I’m sorry for breaking conversations in the last LWW. To make up for this, make sure you give us your thoughts this week!

Comment notifications - Felipe (aka pipe01)

Some people were affected by a bug where you wouldn’t get an email notification when someone replied to one of your comments. This was caused by a user preference that I added in the back-end but ended up not adding to the settings page itself. Thus, the default value was to not get any notifications! This has now been changed to always receive notifications, but expect an option in your account settings in the future.

Delete comments - Felipe (aka pipe01)

Not much to say here, now you can delete any comment you have posted. This will be accompanied by comment editing in the near future, so look forward to that.

Comment permalinking - Felipe

It’s useful to be able to refer someone to a specific comment, which is why this week I added comment permalinks that look like https://logicworld.net/Forum/Comment/18. You can get this link for any comment either through the comment’s date text or the dropdown options menu.

All the menus in Logic World uses a consistent selection of colors. This week I’ve been working on a system that lets you easily modify that selection.

Now, when I add something to a menu, I don’t choose a color for it, I choose a part of the palette for it. That menu element (a block of color, a scrollbar, some text, ect) is then assigned a color based on the current palette.

Originally I was doing this to save myself time; if I want to slightly change the shade of one of the colors, I now only need to do it in one place rather than adjusting the shade in every individual UI element that uses that color. But then I realized that this system could be used to support multiple different UI themes, and so that’s exactly what we’re doing. Logic World will ship with a few different menu palettes, and mods can add additional palettes. You’ll be able to personalize Logic World’s menu colors to look exactly how you want them to!

Thumbnail fetching - Felipe

If you’ve ever shared a link on Discord or Reddit you may have noticed that they have an image attached to it. This image didn’t show up on any logicworld.net links as I had overlooked it, but now there’s a pretty logo! I plan on customizing the image for each page, for example showing the first image found if the link belongs to a post.



Search Lock - Jimmy

Last week I showed the search system in the selection menu. By default, when you close and re-open the selection menu, the search box is cleared. This is convenient because it lets you search for something, grab it, close the menu, and have everything back to normal when you open the menu again. However, you might not always want this to happen. For example, maybe you’re using search to narrow down the displayed components to a particular subset which you want to return to later.

I’ve added a Lock toggle to the search box. While Lock is on, the search box isn’t cleared each time the menu opens.

Database backups - Felipe (aka pipe01)

Perhaps most importantly of all, we now have a database backup system that runs periodically. Right now this includes all user data, as well as posts and comments. In the future though, you will be able to share worlds, boards and mods, which will also be included in the automatic backups.

All websites come to an end eventually, and ours will probably be no different. When that happens, we pledge to release all of this data as a torrent for all of you to download and preserve this bit of history!

Thank you to the following people for translating the selection menu for this post:

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See you next Wednesday!

@Ry3 years ago

Why Is There Not Another Logic Wednesday? I Was really Hoping To See One .😢

@JimmyDeveloper3 years ago

LWWs usually don’t come out until near the end of the day, today’s should be out in an hour or so.

@Ry3 years ago

Ok Thanks For The Reply. I’l Be Checking But That’s Around When I’m Having Dinner

@Ry3 years ago

This Looks Cool! I Just Found This Game And I Cant Wait For Next Wednesday

@oel3 years ago

I forgot all about this after seeing it earlier this year nice to see that a devlog has started! One suggestion for the UI is to try putting the search bar in the middle and shorten it then when someone types in the searchbar it extends to fit the search request. Example: https://imgur.com/a/uJ6vtMc

@JimmyDeveloper3 years ago

That’s an interesting idea. What advantage would it have, though? It’s not like that space is being used by anything else.

@woox2k3 years ago

Nice progress!

Regarding search function: I would suggest making search input active automatically when entering selection menu. It’s a lot more convenient to just start typing after opening the window than to look for the box with a mouse. This way it would be faster to search than scrolling and makes it regularly used, not just when finding lost stuff. Maybe even make it have a hotkey to add top result to hotbar, this way we wouldn’t even need a mouse in that window :)

@JimmyDeveloper3 years ago

When you’re in the selection menu, if you start typing, the search box will automatically be selected. This means that you can start typing to search even if you’ve already clicked on something else if the menu.

Maybe even make it have a hotkey to add top result to hotbar, this way we wouldn’t even need a mouse in that window :)

That’s an excellent idea! The selection menu already has a number of hotkeys, but this would be a great one to add. Perhaps the enter key would be a good fit.

@shamus0303 years ago

Hey, great to see the themes feature! Great work. I’m always excited for Wednesdays 😊

@TheWildJarvi3 years ago

You guys should link the subreddit in each post, and also post the LWWs to reddit, so that you can try to attract as many people from as many different social medias. Keep up the great work!

@JimmyDeveloper3 years ago

I do actually post the LWWs to reddit. You’re totally right that we should try to attract people from everywhere we can. Which reminds me, I need to set up a facebook page…

As for linking the subreddit in LWW posts, I’m kind of ambivalent about that. The community is still quite small, so I want to avoid spreading it too thin. For now I think it’s best to keep the community concentrated around the discord and this website.

@pipe01Developer3 years ago

I forgot to mention I added user flairs! Currently only me and Jimmy have one, you can see mine right next to my name.