Logic World Wednesdays: The logicworld.net Store

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper3 years ago

The logicworld.net Store - Felipe

We’ve decided we want to sell Logic World on our own store in addition to third party stores like Steam. When you buy through logicworld.net, you’ll be able to download the game completely DRM-free and straight from our website. Additionally, 100% of your money will go to us. We are planning to support payments through PayPal, Stripe, and PaySafeCard. In the future we might also sell physical merchandise on our store.

We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect this new way of purchasing Logic World.

Saving Boards - Jimmy

I’ve been working on a system to save circuit boards you’ve built stuff on. Often in Logic World you need to use a circuit many different times, so now you can save your circuits and load them again whenever you need them.

In the future you’ll be able to upload and share your saved boards on logicworld.net.

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See you next Wednesday!

@TheWildJarvi3 years ago

so whenever I visit this site, I have to relog into my account with google, then when it logs me in, it leaves me there and doesnt return me to the post and it wont even let me backtrack to it. I have to reclick the link and open it in a new window. Can this be fixed?

@pipe01Developer3 years ago

I’m looking for a fix to having to log in more often than it should be. About the second part, what exactly do you mean? When I log in with Google it sends me to where I was.

@Vykori3 years ago

I experienced the 2nd bug as well. After logging in with google I was just at a blank white page, going back in the browser doesn’t work.

edit: maybe it’s due to how I logged in? I tried to heart the blog post, got a prompt to log in, then it redirected me to the login page.

@pipe01Developer3 years ago

I’ve reproduced it, I’ll be fixing it soon