Logic World Wednesdays: The Tuesday Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper 1 year ago

Logic World Wednesdays on a Tuesday? What is the world coming to?

If you haven’t already heard, Logic World’s release has sadly been postponed to October.

Board Sharing - Felipe

As you may remember from last LWW, I have been working on a way to easily share your creations with the world in logicworld.net. This week I’ve been working on the board details page, which is the page that people will see when you upload something, like adding the model preview and a picture carousel. I’ve also contracted a zombie to record a video showing the whole process in action:

I have also made a little demo demonstrating what the board model in each board page will look like.

Comment rating - Felipe

A bit of a small one, but now you’re able to like comments like you can do with posts! This is how it looks like:

In the future expect a way to sort comments by score and date.

Singer Polish - Jimmy

I’ve made many improvements to Singers since you saw them last week.

Pitch Correction

If you have a keen ear, you might have noticed last week that the pitch of Singer notes was off by a little. Pachelbel’s Canon in D was actually Pachelbel’s Canon in D Sharp Plus 0.6 Semitones. This was caused by an oversight on my part: I was generating the audio at 44100Hz, but playing it at 48000Hz, meaning it was being played slightly faster than intended. This discrepancy has been fixed and Singers are pitch-perfect now.

Wave Instruments

In addition to high-level instruments like Violin or Piano, Singers now have access to the following simple mathematical waves:

  • Sine
  • Sawtooth
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • White Noise

This feature was suggested last week by @gdog1102.

Moddable Instruments

Singers (and now Drums) have access to a number of “instruments”. Each instrument is a set of rules for how to generate sounds. Previously, instruments were hardcoded into the game, but now they’re loaded from the game data folder and so mods can add instruments. Presently we support SFZ, Frequency Modulation, as well as the aforementioned mathematical waves. In the future I’d also like to support Sound Font.

Better Instrument Selection

Previously the list of instruments was all in one giant scroll view. Now - much like the Selection Menu for components - the instruments are divided into several scroll views, and further divided into categories within those. It’s much easier to find the kind of sound you’re looking for now.

Instrument Ranges

Previously the Piano menu for selecting the note of a Singer was static, ranging from C2 to C6. Now, the piano menu will dynamically resize to reflect the range of the selected instrument. The range of a violin is higher than the range of a cello, for instance.

3D Sound

Previously, a Singer would sing to you equally wherever you are in the world. Now they have proper 3D sound: as you get farther away, they get quieter, and they play more in the left or right speaker depending on where they are relative to you. Singer sound is significantly less 3D than other sounds in the game, though, so you can still build large, spread-out music contraptions that sound good.

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@ForLoveOfCats 1 year ago

Since you are already building cloud hosted services to go along with the game, have you thought about using it to provide hole-punching where your service assists clients in creating a connection to a server which has not been port forwarded? Port forwarding is a complicated topic to get started with for more non-technical players and this would provide a turnkey solution to lessen the initial difficulty (to almost zero) of getting a listen servers to just work. (Perhaps it could also be utilized for dedicated servers) Think on it!

@pipe01Developer 1 year ago

It would be a really good idea, and pretty much required for directly joining other people’s games if UPnP doesn’t work. I’m not sure how difficult it might be though, I’ve never done something like it.

@JimmyDeveloper 1 year ago

This week’s post is early because I am leaving for vacation today! I’ll still be around on Discord and the Forums, and I’ll be back on the 16th.