Logic World Wednesdays: The Web Edition

by @pipe01Developer3 years ago

Hello everyone! This week Jimmy’s on vacation, so it’ll be just me and my web shenanigans.

Comment soft-deletion - Felipe

If you’re familiar with Reddit, you have probably seen something like this:

There, whenever you delete a comment it doesn’t disappear from the post, but rather its text and author get replaced with [deleted], which means that its children will be kept intact. That is exactly what happens in logicworld.net now when you delete a comment with children, like so:

Visits chart - Felipe

I love statistics charts, so I just had to make one for logicworld.net’s visits. It’s not visible to the public, but this is what it looks like:

Data prefetch - Felipe

I’ve implemented data prefetching in the forums, which basically means that the forums will be snappier when navigating. For example, the first post of a forum is prefetched when you visit a forum, that way when you click on that post the data will already be in your browser and it’ll load pretty much instantly!

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See you next Wednesday!

@TheWildJarvi3 years ago

You should mark each Wednesday with a different color so we can see the impact of LWWs :p

@pipe01Developer3 years ago

Yeah I’ve been thinking of adding some markers for events like LWWs