Logic World Wednesdays: The Groovy Edition

by @MouseHatGames 2019-08-22
Drums - Jimmy

Singers play sounds that have different pitches. But not all kinds of sound are like that. Drums are a new component, and they’re very similar to Singers except they play sounds (usually drum sounds) that don’t have different pitches.

Keys - Jimmy

Keys are new components that correspond to your physical keyboard. When you press a key in real life, that key is pressed in-game as well. You can use this for really fast and intricate input for your in-game circuits.

Post image uploading - Felipe

Some time ago I added the ability to embed images to your post directly from the website, but the UI was very rough. This week I’ve been working on polishing the process of uploading and adding images to your post, this is what it looks like now:


When you add an image it will automatically get uploaded to the server and you’ll have the ability to insert the image embed by clicking on its preview.

Post visual editor - Felipe

In logicworld.net, Markdown is supported pretty much everywhere you can type. Markdown is a text-based language, so if you’re used to other WYSIWYG editors like Microsoft Word it can be somewhat uncomfortable to write Markdown. If this is your case, you’ll be happy to know that there is now a visual editor for posts based on StackEdit:

visual editor.png

The revamped image uploading UI and this visual editor both contribute to our goal to make logicworld.net accessible to everyone and easy to use, as well as a great place to share your creations and discuss.

Input Animations - Jimmy

While working on Keys, I gave them sexy animations for going up and down. Rather than snapping between their up position and down position, they move smoothly between the two. I’ve added similar animations to the other two input methods, Buttons and Switches.

You can see this effect in the Keys video above. It’s a small detail, but it’s nice to look at.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@Ry 2019-08-29

I Now Have A Profile Pic!

@austinch20 2019-08-23

was wondering, for instrument sounds is there vst plugin support for changing the sound samples? If not i’m guessing probably would be better as a mod, idk but it would be nice to have that cause i have sample libraries i love and think would sound great in logic world lol

@Jimmy 2019-08-23

Mods can add instruments for both Singers and Drums. Presently we support SFZ and Frequency Modulation, and I’m looking into supporting SoundFont as well. We most likely won’t support VST because it would be a lot of work, but as you say perhaps a mod could add this.

@austinch20 2019-08-23

Fair enough, probably would work better as a mod cause logic world isn’t meant to be a music playback program lol

@Ry 2019-08-22

OMG I Was Thinking About The Same Idea With The Keys Just that you implemented it differently

@Ry 2019-08-22

Also Can you do something like that for the mouse IE Right Click, Left Click, Middle Click, Scrolling And Mouse Movement?

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

Yes, I plan on making keys bindable to any kind of input. So that means mouse buttons, it means buttons on controllers, and it means buttons on stuff like USB joysticks and steering wheels.

@Ry 2019-08-22

That’s Cool. So Does That Mean Its Possible to make a GUI in this game?

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

Absolutely! I’m excited to see what people come up with :D

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

How were you thinking of implementing it?

@Ry 2019-08-22

I Was Thinking Of Having A Keyboard Block Which would give a 8-bit Output and each key would be assigned a 8 bit number Also You Could Attach A Mouse Block which would also have a 8 bit output. If you want i can add a link to a spreadsheet whit the codes and what they mean

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

That would be a great idea for a mod, but it’s too high level for vanilla. I want people to be building their own keyboards, rather than using prebuilt ones.

@Nerd 2019-08-23

Blocks from mods will be able to transmit an 8-bit signal via vanilla cable?

@Jimmy 2019-08-23

I assumed what they meant is that the keyboard component would have eight output pegs. Presently we don’t plan to support multi-bit cables, but a lot of people are asking for this feature so we may add it. If we don’t it could be added by mods.

@Nerd 2019-08-23

I believe that this should be in the game, because it will greatly simplify the construction of more complex schemes, and also reduce their size. (Even if there are no multi-bit elements in the game, the cables will simplify the creation of mods with multi-bit elements)

@Jimmy 2019-08-23

it will greatly simplify the construction of more complex schemes, and also reduce their size

I do not see this as a necessarily good thing. Much of the fun and challenge of the game comes from the difficulty in building complex circuits. There’s a reason we don’t have a memory block component - we want you to build the memory blocks. But I do see the value of multi-bit busses. Often building bussing is not fun, it’s just annoying and tedious.

@Frain_Breeze 2019-08-22


jimmy: country roads played on a keyboard, but not a keyboard

@cmoa 2019-08-22

Will you be able to press the keys like other buttons ? Might be helpful

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

This is a good idea, thanks! I’ll add this 👍

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

I cat believe you’ve done this

@Nerd 2019-08-22

This cat is dangerous, he can eat MouseHatGames

@shamus030 2019-08-22

Keys are an awesome idea. It brings me back to my Garry’s Mod days when you could also bind buttons to arbitrary keys.

Will we have some circuit-driven way to temporarily lock the player’s movements (for cases where we want to reuse WASD for a game’s controls, for example)? Or would you just recommend using different keys in that case?

In the same vein, if we’re allowed to re-use keys already bound to player movement it might also be nice if a key (the circuit) could be bound to a key (on the keyboard) by “name” instead of by letter. For example “Jump” instead of “Space” (maybe the key would still display the actual letter it’s bound to though?).

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

Yes, there will be a way to disable player movement. Most likely it will be via a button in the pause menu.

Why would you want to bind keys to keybinds rather than directly to keys?

@shamus030 2019-08-22

If a player has alternate keybindings it might be nice to keep keys in sync. Though in that case I guess they could just change the keys.

How do keys work in multiplayer? Are they player-bound?

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

I’m not sure what the best thing to do for multiplayer is. I think what I’m going to do is make it so that key presses only work if that key is a) within a certain range of you and b) visible to you (in the direction you’re looking and not behind a wall). This would allow different players to use the same set of keys in a fairly natural way - just by going to the same position.

@shamus030 2019-08-22

Maybe some way for a player to “take the wheel” for a set of keys? (a joystick or even a literal steering wheel?) That would also tie in well with temporarily locking inputs.

@Jimmy 2019-08-22

I was thinking of maybe adding a chair object you can place that locks your inputs while you’re sitting in it. I’m not sure what good UI would be for assigning keys to chairs, I think the fairly automatic way I described above would work well with them though.

@shamus030 2019-08-22

It sounds like the combination of a chair and proximity/line-of-sight keys would feel really great! Just like sitting at a real chair with a desk full of buttons in front if you.