Will LW have the same restrictions in wiring as TUNG has right now?

by @sgalatis2 years ago

Im curious if LW will also have the same restrictions when connecting components…Its hard to build compact circuits when wires wont connect because of a surface/peg/component edge thats ‘in the way’ of the wire youre trying to lay down…its making things very hard for me because im trying to make a tight layout, but apparently the game doesnt like it when wires ‘touch’ other things.

it’d be nice if that ‘feature’ could be disabled…i know visually its wrong, but its hard to have to delete everything and resize things just to work around those limits

@sgalatis2 years ago

I suppose that mod will be popular once released.

Let me pose another question then: Would it be possible to delete a populated board? That would make things a little less frustrating.

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Yes, and it’s possible in TUNG too. You press the delete button while you’re moving that board.

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Yes, wires in Logic World require line of sight between the two points.

Restriction is fundamental to the challenge of the game. Making your circuits compact is supposed to be hard. When you eventually do figure out a brilliant way of making a circuit small, that’s exciting; that’s rewarding; that’s fun. It wouldn’t be if doing so was easy.

Having said that, if you really don’t like it, modding that restriction out will be extremely easy.