by @Nerd2 years ago

Will the game have a tutorial? My friend would like to play, but he knows little about digital logic and wants a tutorial that is understandable for beginners.

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Yes, Logic World will have tutorials, but they will mainly be about how the controls work. As for learning digital logic itself, I want players to figure that stuff out for themselves. The game’s challenges and puzzles will guide players into the knowledge.

@johan214 months ago

Dude, I love your game, and I am so open to learning and figuring things out for myself. But I wish you could see it from the perspective of someone that doesn’t have a CS degree, in fact someone from a completely different walk of life. I have persevered and built a full adder in the game, but beteween forums, discord, community, this web page, there is a complete lack of a) useful learning resources, even links to useful resources b) clear ‘next steps’ or challenges, with some kind of sense of what the ‘next’ step is, and ‘why’ it is even important. I have a vague understanding that I should build memory or a register next but I have no idea ‘why’. It seems like it would be super easy for you to map out the challenges and point people in the right direction, but all I can say is right now I am directionless and I seriously don’t know what I should be doing next. Between the game itself and the community I feel like there is a big gap after you obtain a basic understanding of the game and digital logic, before you can go any further.

@JimmyDeveloper4 months ago

Oh, by the way - I think you’d really enjoy another new logic game called Turing Complete :)

@JimmyDeveloper4 months ago

I wish you could see it from the perspective of someone that doesn’t have a CS degree

I think I’ve got that covered, since I do not have a CS degree.

I agree that more guidance/instruction is needed in Logic World. My perspective on this issue has evolved somewhat in the two years since I left the above comment. Those things will come with time, but I ask for your patience; the next few updates will be focused on making the sandbox more polished and complete. Game development is an unfortunately slow process, and we can’t do everything at once.

I’m really happy that you like Logic World. If you feel like you’ve exhausted your list of things to do in the current game, consider putting it down for a while. When you come back later, the game will be better and there will be more structure & learning resources available to you.

@Nerd2 years ago

I agree with you. The game should not just lead the player by the handle.