Logic World Wednesdays: The Thursday Edition IV

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper 1 year ago

Man, it’s really easy to come up with names for these when they slip a day.

Better Saved Colors - Jimmy

The old system for saving colors, and managing your saved colors, just wasn’t working; it was too complex and too clumsy to use. This week I’ve redone it, using the same UI as saving Display configurations.

I’ve also added a button for sorting your saved colors - which is a surprisingly complicated thing - and a button for choosing a random color.

Website Work - Felipe

I’ve been working on some minor website QoL adjustments:

  • Post embeds on Discord, Reddit, etc are much nicer. before, after
  • The Facebook link has been smited from the site. More info
  • When logging in you will now be redirected to the page you were previously in
  • Comments will now be counted recursively in the comment section
  • All notification emails will now contain the reason why you got them

I’ve also been working on an updated “About” page for the site. This new page tells you a bit about us, and it lets your see our faces (to be revealed).


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to deploy these changes for this LWW (LWT?), but you can expect to see them shortly.

Unexciting Code Work - Jimmy

I spent most of this week laying the architectural groundwork for two very cool features. I was really hoping to show at least one of them off today, but they just didn’t get finished in time.

These two features are the final building mechanics for Logic World, and they’ll complete the set of tools you have to manipulate the world.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@aRealCoder 1 year ago

Be sure also to wishlist Logic World on Steam

what happens when you wishlist Logic World

@JimmyDeveloper 1 year ago

Steam will email you when the game comes out and whenever it goes on sale. Also, the more wishlists a game has, the more people Steam shows it to.

@Vykori 1 year ago

would it be possible to replace that manual sort button with a draggable area? clicking move up 20 times is a real chore compared to just dragging something to the top

@Stenodyon 1 year ago

I was about to suggest that, you beat me to it

@JimmyDeveloper 1 year ago

Great thinking! I’ll look into this