Logic World Wednesdays: The Outlined Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper2 years ago

Logic World Wednesdays: The Outlined Edition

Resizable Components Polish - Jimmy

As part of my ongoing efforts to make Logic World’s building mechanics as fluid and easy-to-use as I can, this week I’ve been polishing up the mechanics for building with resizable components. You can now directly start resizing something while you’re placing it, and I’ve added a new Drawing mechanic for building with boards.

I’ve also polished up the look of the resizing UI: there’s a snazzy checkmark in the center that you can click to confirm the new size, and all the UI elements now change color when you mouse over them, to communicate that they can be clicked on.

Outline Tech Upgrade - Jimmy

When I was working on the new Resizable Components UI, I ran into a limitation of our outline tech that was preventing the checkmark outline from showing up.

check before.jpg

The problem was that all of the outlined objects were being outlined together as one pass. This image explains what that means better than my words did:

buffer same.jpg

Since the checkmark outline was nested inside the outline of the component being resized, it couldn’t show up; the checkmark edges were not part of the edges of all the outlined objects.

This has been a limitation of our outline system for a long time, and this week I finally set about fixing it. The outline system now supports multiple independent “layers” of outlines, where each layer can overlap with the others.

buffer different.jpg

With these new outline layers, I can now draw the checkmark outline properly. You can see it in action in the video above.

I also added one outline layer that has “depth culling” enabled. This means that only the visible parts of the objects get outlined. The depth culling layer is being used for the outlines of interactable objects, and it drastically improves their look.

depth culling.jpg

Finally, I added some options to the outline rendering for folks to tweak to their preference. You can now adjust the outline thickness, the outline fill amount, and the outline intensity.

outline options grid.jpg

Spinny Compass - Jimmy

After I showed off the Compass last week, many of you suggested that it should rotate as the player does. After playing around with it some more, I’ve come to agree, and so the compass now always points in the direction of rotation.

You can see this in action in the video above.

Status - Felipe

This week I’ve been working on a status page for all the services that make up logicworld.net. A service is a little piece of software (in our case mostly written in Go) that is responsible for a task, like sending emails to users or building mods. This status page is made using Cachet, which allows us to notify you about maintenance ahead of time and it lets you see the status of every service as well as a real-time graph of visits to logicworld.net.

status page.jpg

You can check out the status page at https://status.logicworld.net/.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@Vykori2 years ago

WHAT OTHER GAME has a dedicated fuckin status page. Services like STEAM or DISCORD have a status page, and this indie dev company is just like fuck it, they’re useful. So we’ll make one.

@Vykori2 years ago

duuuude that outlining system is so intricate and amazing. It’s crazy to think how much effort went into just the outlines, and how many similar problems there must be when making a whole-ass game.

@Vykori2 years ago

A whole ass-game.

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Please disregard ongoing rumors that Logic World is a game about ass

@Vykori2 years ago

WHOA this is a big update. I haven’t even finished reading but I came to post a comment because I LOVE how boards are another type of resizable component, and I love that drawing mode. It looks wonderful and extremely convenient. Very nice ideas, and implementation!!

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Also known as The Edition With Lots And Lots Of Images