Logic World Wednesdays: The ‘We Will Announce The Release Date Tomorrow’ Edition

by @MouseHatGames 2020-02-06

Logic World’s release is close. How close? Find out tomorrow!

Relays - Jimmy

This week I’ve added a very cool new component, called the Relay!

Huge thanks to @TheWildJarvi for suggesting Relays. I can’t wait to see the builds they are used for.

Store Pages - Felipe

As you may know, we’re going to sell Logic World directly from our website in addition to our third party stores like Steam. This week I’ve been working on the store page design.

store 1.png store 2.png

When you buy Logic World on logicworld.net, you can download the game DRM-free directly from your browser, and 100% of your money goes to us.

Settings Menu Generation - Jimmy

Last week and The week before, I was working on the design part of the settings menu. This week, I’ve given the menu functionality; the settings you tweak will now affect things in the game, and their values will be saved between sessions. Additionally, the settings menu now dynamically generates from values you set in the code.

Getting the menu to dynamically generate, with all the different kinds of settings there are and all the different properties a setting type can have, was extraordinarily difficult. But the system works beautifully, and I am very proud of it.

I plan to open source this library - LogicSettings - sometime after Logic World launches.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@shamus030 2020-02-06

The automatic settings UI generation is beautiful. I’ve always been in love with the idea of a generating a UI completely from domain types (so you can update a single place and the UI can automagically change).

Relays are also amazing. They’re basically transistors, which means we can now theoretically build any circuit with zero delay (not counting the lag I’m assuming one would experience from several millions of relays updating all at once 😇)

@Jimmy 2020-02-10

To clarify, while signals going through a relay are instant, toggling the relay between open and closed still takes one tick. So you can’t make any circuit instant.

@TheWildJarvi 2020-02-06

wow, this is absolutely amazing! <3 I cannot wait to use these! Thank you jimmy and pipe!

@Nerd 2020-02-06

You can add enable relay sound to the sound settings

@AnChiDes 2020-02-06

This is amazing. I like everything there, relays are really fucking good, this super beautiful neat interface is actually wonderful i am so happy. This store with a single product is also fucking good and neat. Great job!

@Stenodyon 2020-02-06


Also relays sound awesome :D Does it click like a real-life relay?

@Jimmy 2020-02-06

Haha, no clicks on the relays… fantastic idea for a mod though!

@AnChiDes 2020-02-06

Do they have any sound? I don’t hear anything

@LumpyTaco 2020-02-06

yaaay! tommorowwww announcement FTW! the Relays component looks neat too!

@Jimmy 2020-02-06

I’m so happy you’re excited :) we are too!

@Nik 2020-02-06

omg! relays are amazing. a great implementation, I love how it’s bi-directional! this makes instant carry adders possible!! <10ticks for unlimitedly large calculations <3

wait, 100% of your money goes to us??? what payment processing vendor are you using for this magic?! do you take checks?

setting menu generation is so important for you jimmy lol, now you can add ALL THE SETTINGS!! The most time consuming part will be the setting descriptors and screenshots, not even the settings themselves. Love it.

It was worth staying awake late for this LWW. Good night <3

@pipe01 2020-02-06

wait, 100% of your money goes to us??? what payment processing vendor are you using for this magic?! do you take checks?

What we meant is that there is no store to take a cut away from us, like Steam 😄

@Jimmy 2020-02-06

New personal best for biggest stretch of the definition of Wednesday. High five!