Logic World release date announced: March 13, 2020

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper2 years ago

We are tremendously excited to announce that we have committed to a date. Logic World will be releasing Friday, March 13 - just a little over a month from now!

It’s been an incredible journey to get to this point, and we are absolutely pumped to polish off this game and get it into your hands. Thank you, so much, for following and supporting us along the way.

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PS: if you haven’t been following Logic World closely, you should know that we’ve been posting weekly blogs about our progress on the game. If you’re interested in seeing some cool features from Logic World, click here to read all those blog posts or click here for all the youtube videos we’ve released.

Wait a minute, this is TWO WEEKS later than you said! I am angry!!

Yes it is. We’ve always been open and honest with you about our expectations because we believe that is the best policy. Unfortunately, our expectations can be inaccurate. Game development is a chaotic process that throws a lot of unexpected hiccups.

In the spirit of openness: we could still make a February release if we tried. However, we feel much more comfortable with these extra two weeks of breathing room. We only get one launch, and we want to make sure we feel 100% confident about it.

We’re sorry about the changing plans. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us when you play the game and see how awesome it is 😉

I completely understand, thank you for being candid. How can I help you have a great launch?

Wow, Imaginary Person, that was a quick change of heart. We appreciate your understanding and we’re grateful that you want to help us out!

There are an awful lot of folks who like playing with digital logic. For them, Logic World is a dream game. We need your help spreading the word, so that the people who would love this game know it exists. Logic World: tell your friends, tell your enemies.™

Additionally, if you know of youtubers or streamers you think would enjoy Logic World – or if you are one yourself – send them our way. Those folks can reach out to us at hello@mousehatgames.com for an early copy of the game.

How much will Logic World cost?

Logic World will be sold for $12 in the United States. Here’s a chart showing the pricing for countries with other currencies:

Currency Price
US Dollar USD$12.00
Canadian Dollar CDN$13.00
Australian Dollar A$15.00
GB Pounds £9.30
Euros €10.00
Russian Rubles pуб.290
Brazilian Reals R$25.00
Japanese Yen ¥1,220
Indonesian Rupiah Rp83,000
Malaysian Ringgit RM28.00
Philippine Peso P350.00
Singapore Dollar S$12.00
Thai Baht ฿210.00
Vietnamese Dong ₫140,000
Korean Won ₩12,500
Turkish Lira TL20.50
Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴200
Mexican Peso Mex$134.00
New Zealand Dollar NZ$15.00
Norwegian Krone kr83.00
Polish zloty zł35.00
Swiss Francs CHF12.50
Chinese Yuan ¥40
Indian Rupee ₹400
Chilean Peso CLP$5,300
Peruvian Sol S/.26.00
Colombian Peso COL$21,500
South African Rand R90.00
Hong Kong Dollar HK$62.00
Taiwanese Dollar NT$226
Saudi Arabian Riyal SR25.00
Emirati Dirham AED34.00
Argentine Peso ARS$150.00
Israeli New Shekel ₪45.00
Kazakhstani Tenge ₸2,000
Kuwaiti Dinar KD2.25
Qatari Rial QR29.00
Costa Rican Colon ₡5,200
Uruguayan Peso $U270

In some low-income regions, Logic World will be sold in USD but at a lower price. Here’s a chart showing this regional pricing:

Region What countries are in that region Price
CIS Territories Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine USD$7.00
South Asia Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka USD$6.20

The above prices apply when Logic World is purchased on Steam. In all other places you can buy the game, the price is $12 USD.

See you for launch day on March 13 :)

Jimmy Cushnie Felipe Martínez Mouse Hat Games

@Nerd2 years ago

Wait a minute, this is TWO WEEKS later than you said! I am angry!!

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

I respect your perspective

@LumpyTaco2 years ago

cool! we have a hard date ya guys! and it’s only two extra weeks anyway, nothin too bad about that, excited for when it hits it’s release =)

@Vykori2 years ago

Wait, purple stuff is turned off?!


@ForLoveOfCats2 years ago

Woot! A date! Thanks for also being transparent about the pricing!