Logic World Wednesdays: The Cloudy Edition

by @MouseHatGames 2020-02-13

Hello and welcome back to Logic World Wednesdays! In case you missed it, this week we announced Logic World’s release date: March 13, 2020.

announcement half res.jpg

We’ve got a big Wednesday for you today, so let’s get started!

As We Change - Markku

Hello again, everyone! Thank you for your comments on my piece Endless Curiosity. I really appreciate the feedback. Today I’m happy to share another sample from the soundtrack. This one is from As We Change, a piece about the ebb and flow of learning new things. I look forward to sharing more of the soundtrack in future Wednesdays, and I look forward to chatting with you on Discord!

Actual Clouds - Jimmy

This week I have been giving some love to the skies of Logic World.


This is still very much a work in progress. You’ll be seeing more gorgeous skies in future Wednesdays :)

Fake Internet Clouds - Felipe

This week I’ve been working on setting up an automated CI service. This service will automatically build (and optionally publish) the game in the cloud, which is super easy and convenient for us.

This is a picture of a successful build:

successful build.png

We are using SemaphoreCI as our CI provider. As you can see, we are currently building for Linux and Windows, with MacOS coming soon.

This is an overview of the stuff that happens during a build for a single platform:

  1. Dependencies are built (LogicAPI projects, as well as Lidgren, our networking library).
  2. The Linux version of Unity is installed, as well as the Windows playback engine
  3. Unity is launched, which runs the build itself for the corresponding platform.
  4. The GameData folder – which contains the base game data like components, languages, etc – is copied over to the build result.
  5. The integrated server is also built and copied to be bundled with the game.
  6. The resulting build is compressed and optionally uploaded.

(Note: steps 4 and 5 are not yet implemented)

We’re going to start beta testing very very soon, and during beta testing we’ll be building and deploying the game several times per day. So it’s important that this complex task is automated for us.

Website Error Handling - Felipe

Our website, logicworld.net, has had some issues in the past, like comments being duplicated and posts not working. More often than not the hardest part about solving these problems was identifying what parts of the site were causing the problem, which required digging into the logs to find out the exact message and stack trace.

This is the main reason I decided to implement an error logging system, which will gracefully detect and notify the user about any failed requests that have been executed, as well as helping us identify the errored request through the use of a request ID.

website error.PNG

Game Flow - Jimmy

Thanks to Felipe’s excellent work on the integrated server (you can read more here), this week I’ve been tightening up the flow of the game between macrostates. We can now connect to an external server, then disconnect, then connect to a local server (singleplayer game). Furthermore, I’ve added loading screens and an error screen – though neither is particularly pretty right now, so I’ll show those off when they are :)

I’ve also added the ability for you to run commands on an integrated server. Everything is now seamless; we’ve fully merged the client and server software into one smooth and sexy game. Of course, the standalone server software will still be available for those who want to run dedicated servers.

Hotbar Shortcuts - Jimmy

I added some hotkeys for managing your hotbar!

With these hotkeys, I’m opening the selection menu less than half as much as I used to when I play the game. Once you get used to them, they’re a real time saver.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@Nerd 2020-02-14

Will there be an update on April 1 with more dragons and such? And these clouds are beautiful, game with them looks much better!

@Nerd 2020-02-15


@Repsi0 2020-02-14

come on jimyy. we need more dragons (and such). you’ve already developed the lore so much with the clouds and the mysterious singers. we need more, jimyy. the community demands it.

where do the singers sings come from? the dragons, and such, obviously. they’re singing in the void. they want to be let free, jimyy. #freethedragons(andsuch)

@Broyojo 2020-02-13

jimmy you should also make the clouds vaguely shaped like components and they morph into other component shapes over time.

@Jimmy 2020-02-13

That would be a really cool easter egg

@ForLoveOfCats 2020-02-13

When sending hotbar items to the beginning or end perhaps an animation of the item traveling to the end would help visually distinguish what is happening to the item order.

@Jimmy 2020-02-13

Good idea!

@Broyojo 2020-02-13

maybe bind foward and back keys on mouse for moving items?

@Jimmy 2020-02-13

The problem with using mouse 4 and mouse 5 in default bindings is that many mice only have 3 buttons (though thankfully that’s becoming less and less common). All of Logic World’s keybindings are configurable, so if this is how you want to play you can do this :)