Feature request: Board/Save folders

by @Ecconia2 years ago

TUNG state/issues: - TUNG seems to load the list of available boards on game load, not when the gui opens. One has to reload the game to update that list, when one added new boards from external sources. Further if one heavily relies on board exports/imports the list becomes huge and its difficult to find things. Also if there are more or less relevant boards or badly named boards all of them get mixed up in one single list.

Requests: - Update the list at least when the GUI, to view the local boards, is opened. - Optional but nice: Live update the list of boards/saves when the GUI to view them is open. - Show folders in that list and allow to enter them via the GUI as well as going a folder upwards. - Folders should be at the top of the list. (But it doesn’t matter much, developer can improve here as they please).

Expected Result: - Less workaround / quicker response when adding removing boards/saves from their folder. - The ability to group and sub-group boards/saves without limits to keep everything sorted and easy to find.

*Edit: if that already is the case, nice. Else consider this addition :)


@Vykori2 years ago

F5 can reload the board list in TUNG, useful to use if you didn’t know about it already.

LW board menu has tags and sub-tags which can work like folders for sorting. 1 board can be in multiple locations in the tree, too, which is fantastic. None of these things should be issues in LW.

@Ecconia2 years ago

I didn’t know that, thanks for telling me - helps a lot.

Thanks for submitting my ideas~

@Ecconia2 years ago

I heard a myth, that the boards are using #tags in LW, that is a supperior system in terms of sorting ofc! If that is the case, I would nevertheless recommend that you scan for nested folders in the boards folder and just keep the path of them internal (if not for opening the containing folder). I still have some collection of boards which I don’t want to get mixed up with my other boards at any cost. Thus it would be nice, if that is an included feature.

However for savefiles #tags don’t sound useful (dunno what you planned there), for these I would still go for visual in-game folders. But well I currently only have 1 world. So this feature request regards save-folders is not very important.

Extra: If tags are really a thing, it would maybe be nice to give an automated tag to boards, or store the creators username to the board (as something tag like, not included in the file). But well, that is just many of my ideas - no clue what your vision states there. But I hope I am a positive inspiration

@Vykori2 years ago

tags are not a myth! they exist and they’re epic :) here’s an official video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1xZnSnmKTo

they will exist for world saves too, not just boards.

I just added a feature request ticket to scan for sub-folders, and tag the boards with the folder names. I think that’d be a good system. Idk how to ideally save the list of boards though, they would be hard to manage through a regular file system. I think most of the managing would have to be done in-game.

board metadata like name and author should definitely be searchable too, good idea.