Logic World Wednesdays: The Sad Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper2 years ago

Logic World’s Release Delayed… again.

I felt it was appropriate to make a video about this rather than just writing a blog post. This is a major bummer, but it’s what’s necessary for the game.

Amazing New Displays - Jimmy

I’ve been working on an overhaul of Displays, to make them faster and easier to use. It’s not quite done yet, but I wanted to show it off in a video anyways.

These new displays use the Extra Data system I described last week, and indeed they are the main reason for that system existing.

Cloud metrics - Felipe

This week I’ve been working on adding some metrics to our cloud architecture. Metrics is a generic word for anything that gives us information, which in our case is a set of applications.

First we have Traefik, which is the application that you connect to when you go to logicworld.net and that routes your connection to the back-end services. Traefik can produce some metrics, which Prometheus collects. Prometheus can be considered as sort of a metrics database, which stores the data it collects from the various sources and allows you to query it. Finally, we have Grafana, which is the front-end for all of this and allows us to create cool dashboards like these:

web metrics.png

I’m also working on adding metrics tailored to the site itself, like comment count, post count, etc.

Extensible Menu Settings - Jimmy

Many menus in Logic World have a popup window to edit menu settings; you can see it in this recent video. Previously, all menus only had one setting, the scale slider, and the menu settings system was tightly coupled to the menu resizing system.

This week I’ve overhauled Menu Settings so that they’re more independent and open to extension. Any menu can add custom settings now.

Currently Menu Settings still aren’t being used for anything besides the Scale sliders, but I have plans for a few custom menu settings. You’ll likely see those next week :)

We’ll keep releasing these weekly updates right up until the game comes out. To make sure you don’t miss them, you can sign up for our newsletter. Be sure also to wishlist Logic World on Steam and join the official Discord.

See you next Wednesday!

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@Nerd2 years ago

Yesterday I added funds to my Steam wallet :-( But I like to watch how the game develops and every week it gets better and better!

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

I’m so happy you enjoy these weekly updates 😊

@lukassarya2 years ago

I think it was a good choice to delay to a more generalized time than a specific date. If for some reason you do ever decide to announce a specific date for a future game, I believe the general rule of thumb is to pick when you think the game would be finished and double the time it would take to reach that. Sounds like a lot but it allows for quite a lot of wiggle room if some things do end up going wrong along the way. These are the kind of things you pick up when you’ve barely touched game design, but watch way too much Extra Credits.

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Yeah, next game we’re gonna say it releases when it’s done until it’s actually done :P

@Ecconia2 years ago

Display global palette:

First thought: Epic Second thought: That editor pane lacks a duplicate button!

The only issue I see for power-users, it is difficult to change many displays at once, like to select regions of displays and apply a change. Cause if one has two display-walls with one pattern and wants to change only one… Well this is no new issue… It sounds like a problem which should be solved post-release. But until then, you should add the possibility to add many displays via API. Then a client-sided mod may take that job away from you :)

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

I like your idea for a duplicate button, I’ll add this :D

@Ecconia2 years ago

Your current solution is neater than an additional button :) I hope it was an easy solution~

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Yeah, originally the plan was that the add configuration button would add a standardized configuration, like a gradient from black to yellow. Making it duplicate the selected configuration instead is much better.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

@shamus0302 years ago

I love that you’re so quick to take feedback and roll with it, but perhaps this is a factor in why things are taking so much longer than expected? I also develop software for a living and personally when I get requests like this I categorize them as s “nice to have, but will add post-launch”. I guess my field is more geared towards releasing an MVP and getting real feedback ASAP while the world of games generally doesn’t work that way?

(Please don’t take this the wrong way - I think you guys are doing a great job and totally respect your choice to delay release. Just providing feedback.)

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Most things folks suggest go into the nice to have, but will add post-launch pile. When I immediately jump on an idea and say I’ll add it, it’s almost always for things that are easy to add. The duplicate button won’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

@Ecconia2 years ago

Oh a delay video, interesting - again. -> Regards that I do have an idea to make people more aware of what is currently going on besides this dev-post. It would be cool to see a public TODO list of the major bugs and features which are still open until the game is satisfy able. Adding a estimated date when such an issue got detected/added and when it got resolved. We would have an overview of the relevant things which have to be done and probably could estimate our self when the game is ready. Doesn’t have to be something complex a simple text-file or text-editor site would do the job. - However I don’t know how fine you are with putting this kind of information public, especially since you of course sometimes randomly add tasks to your private TODO list as you please and move them around in that list as you please, for you own comfort.

Maybe let me know how you feel about such a thing. It may come with disadvantages, but its very exiting to see these internal information for the people which really follow the game.

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

I think I’d rather keep that stuff private for a couple reasons:

  • It changes a lot. I don’t want people to be upset or confused when a promised feature is removed from the list.

  • I like there to be surprises on Wednesdays :)

@Ecconia2 years ago

Yeah if your big milestones are considered surprises (which we do love)… Then it probably makes not much sense. However it is kind of weird to just know yeah things have to be done before its ready, so there is always this curiosity bit. Well well, okay lets just be patient and eventually it will be done - as long as pre and post release things get sorted properly. :) Nah promised features would not belong on such a list, if then just the bare minimum of major stones

@shamus0302 years ago

I like the surprises too. Something new to look forward to every week 😁

@ForLoveOfCats2 years ago

I love the honesty and transparency. When it was mentioned a few days ago that the translation hadn’t even been begun that was a hint to all the little details which are easy to overlook from an outside perspective but still need attention before launch. I look forward to playing LW when it releases in 2023!

@Zeaga2 years ago

Thank you for the update! Lots of love and support<3