Logic World Wednesdays: The Well-Lit Edition

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper2 years ago

Keybindings Menu WIP - Jimmy

I’ve been working on a menu for editing the controls!

key menu 1 4k.jpg

It’s still missing the very important feature of being able to actually edit those controls, but it’s now displaying the controls and that’s a start :)

It can display all of the fancy features of our input system: multiple buttons that must be pressed concurrently, bindings that reference other bindings, bindings that must be tapped multiple times to trigger, and multiple different bindings as options for a single action.

key menu 2 4k.jpg

Being able to display bindings visually is not just important for the Edit Controls menu, but also for things like the in-game tutorials, where players will be told to press a given button to trigger an action.

Fun with Bob - Jimmy and Felipe

After building Bob last week, we’ve been working on setting up the software to get him building the game.

We’ve run into several unanticipated issues – because of course we did, why wouldn’t we – but on the whole it’s going well and it’s almost done. Bob’s computational performance on builds is very promising; he’s faster than our old build server by more than a factor of two.

build pipeline og.jpg

Lighting Settings - Jimmy

As I was working on adding context and screenshots for translators, I came across a description for a setting that didn’t make sense. I did some further reading on that setting (shadow cascades) and it turned out I had no idea how lighting works in Unity.

Well, I did some more reading, and now I have some idea of how lighting works in Unity. I’ve used my newfound knowledge to buff out our lighting settings: we now have seven total settings related to shadows, each with a helpful preview image and informative description.

lighting settings take 2.jpg

Shadows are both extremely important to the visual fidelity of a game as well as extremely demanding on a player’s graphics card, so I feel it’s important to have extensive settings for controlling them. I always get a little peeved when a game just has “shadows: on or off” – not to name names – and Logic World will not be joining that club of shame.

Bugs Fixed This Week

  • Fixed being unable to select hotbar slots beyond slot 10 by double tapping or ctrl+tapping a number key
  • Fixed client throwing an error if you tried to run an autoexec.lsf
  • Fixed being unable to make pegs exclusive if they were part of a dynamic prefab (i.e. on a Panel Display)

Thanks for reading, friends! Happy Canada day.

We’ll keep releasing these weekly updates right up until the game comes out. To make sure you don’t miss them, you can sign up for our newsletter. Be sure also to wishlist Logic World on Steam and join the official Discord.

See you next Wednesday!

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@Daniel2 years ago

What wonderful builds used in the Lighting Settings imagery, the person who made those builds must’ve been a very handsome man.

@Ecconia2 years ago

I love how key settings are meant for Power-Users!

Ahh no worry about editing those, we can just change them in the SPLASH-SCREEN! If its just restarting, its nothing

@JimmyDeveloper2 years ago

Yeah, I’m really proud of the extensibility and customizability of the input system. In addition to being good for power users, it’s also good for accessibility.

Speaking of power users: the tool for binding commands to a key has full support for the features of the input system. So you can bind one command to F, another command to [double tap F], another command to [Mod] + [double tap F].