Logic World Wednesdays: The Thursday Edition VIII

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper 1 year ago

Workshop - Felipe

This week I’ve started working on the workshop part of the website. In the workshop you’ll be able to browse, comment and download the sandboxes, circuit boards and mods that people have uploaded.

light mode.png

Each workitem (that’s my term for all the items you can upload to the workshop) can have multiple versions, and each version can optionally have a (markdown powered) changelog.

Lights out - Felipe

Dark mode automatically makes a website ~12x cooler. In an effort to maximize the website’s coolness, I’ve added dark mode, easily accessible by clicking a link in the navbar.

For example, this is the same page as in the Workshop screenshot above:

dark mode.png

As you can see, it keeps the same overall style of the light mode while being a lot easier on your eyes.

Custom Crosshairs - Jimmy

This week I’ve added a whole bunch of settings to customize your crosshair!

This has been a very long time coming. Custom crosshairs is something that folks have been asking for, and something I’ve really wanted to add, for literally years. It feels very good to finally have them in the game.

New Sletter System- Felipe

As part of my overhaul of our web services, I’ve been working on a new system for sending out our newsletter. The new system is much simpler, and I’ve given the emails themselves a shiny new paint job!


newsletter before.png


newsletter after.PNG

Bugs Fixed This Week

  • Fixed various errors with multiplayer and with reconnecting to a server
  • Fixed placing a Display crashing the server
  • Fixed being unable to load saves with Displays in them
  • Fixed Draw Shadows on Additional Lights setting being forced to off when Draw Shadows is turned off and then on again
  • Fixed pressing the Open Screenshots Folder hotkey causing an error if it was pressed before taking any screenshots

We’ll keep releasing these weekly updates right up until the game comes out. To make sure you don’t miss them, you can sign up for our newsletter. Be sure also to wishlist Logic World on Steam and join the official Discord.

See you next Wednesday!

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@sonicsupermaker 1 year ago

I think you can use Steam Workshop :P

@JimmyDeveloper 1 year ago

We don’t want to use the Steam Workshop because it’s exclusive to the Steam version of the game. Everyone who owns Logic World should be able to share their creations in the same centralized community.

Plus, Steam Workshop sucks in a lot of ways, such as its garbage comment system.

@Repsi0 1 year ago

nobody: jimmy: been