I want a decoder

by @brentonl8294 months ago (edited3 months ago)

A standalone decoder as new item would save alot of time and make 7 segment displays alot easier to build it would have a lot of outputs though that would prly make scaling janky like with the 3 pin and gate im sure as this game matures its gonna become a feature 4 bit decode max 16 pins is crazy lol 5 bits making 32 pins would be insane lol so much manual labour making those yourself or is there a shortcut im not seeing idk but what i do know is jimmy is love jimmy is life bye fam happy logic remember to eat health not junk get omega 3s and sleep 8 hours and exercise for big curcut building brain i wish the best to all

@RoomReem3 months ago

if i knew how to mod the game id make it for you because i want the same