Logic World Wednesdays: clickclickclickclickclick

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper1 month ago

Building mechanic pogress! - Jimmy

I’ve continued my work on the new sexy building mechanics! The most notable new feature is that you can now resize multiple components at once.

It’s important in Logic World that building is fast, easy, and tedium-free. One way I’m trying to accomplish this is by making it so that every way you can build, you can do it in parallel across multiple components.

Implementing multi-resizing forced me to do a major refactoring pass on the mechanic, and I found this refactor particularly satisfying. Ever since I first implemented resizing, it’s all been in one giant monolithic thousand-line-long class which began with a comment reading “todo fix this horrible pile of garbage”. The logic was overly complicated, difficult to understand and difficult to modify. But now the resizing code is split into 7 small, focused classes, the logic is intuitive and extensible, and that comment has been very firmly deleted. Logic World’s resizing mechanic: a garbage pile no longer!

I’ve also been polishing up the multi-grab feature from last week. I’ve fixed a lot of edge cases - many of them literal edge cases, as in cases that are concerned the edge of something - and I’ve added proper support for when you have wires that connect two of the items being grabbed, with collision checks and all. There are still a couple edge cases to cover, but the multi-grab mechanic is almost done.

More sexy building mechanics coming soon!

Clicky switches - Jimmy

I’ve added the ability to click and drag on a line of switches to quickly toggle them all.

It’s a small feature, but I find it very fun and satisfying.

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See you next Wednesday!

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@vigilantehobo1 month ago

Can switches be flipped by holding LMB and then going up/down on them?

@JimmyDeveloper1 month ago

No, they just toggle state when they’re clicked on. Requiring a mouse gesture would be a lot more tedious. You could mod in that behavior if you really wanted it though.

@shamus0304 weeks ago

I think it would be kind of cool if the multi-switch-flipping worked that way at least - dragging your hand down a line of switches wouldn’t toggle all of them, it would turn them off. Of course LW doesn’t have to be realistic, but to me that part just feels… right?

But I guess then that wouldn’t work for a horizontal row of switches oriented vertically, for example.

@JimmyDeveloper4 weeks ago (edited4 weeks ago)

I completely agree that this would be fun and cool, to use the direction of mouse movement for mouse dragging but toggle for single clicks. However, as you pointed out there are a ton of edge cases to account for, and it’d be very difficult to get behavior that works like this and feels consistent and intuitive across all situations. Something to look into in the future, perhaps, but the effort-to-value ratio is too low to work on at the moment.