Welcome to the Logic Buddies forum!

by @JimmyDeveloper1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

Logic World is even more fun when you play it with friends. Today we’re opening the Logic Buddies forum, a place where you can find new friends & communities to build circuits with!

You should make a post here if you’re looking to connect with other Logic World players. For example, please make a post if:

  • You’re a server owner, and you’d like to publicize your server
  • You’re looking for collaborators on a project
  • You’re looking for a mentor to teach you about digital logic
  • You’re offering to mentor people on digital logic

You can browse existing posts at https://logic.world/frm-logibudd, and you can submit a new post by clicking on the “new post” button on that page.

If you’re looking for help hosting a server, see this server hosting tutorial by @whisper. We will make the process more streamlined in future game updates.

Happy collaborating!