LWW: The Imposter Edition #1

by @Ecconia1 year ago

Today is kind of a special addition, we announced to not post LWW’s for a while. But here is a version for those who cannot live without it. Have fun~

LWW Post-Time

We now started to target a Wednesday which most likely all of you can experience, future LWW posts will be released at UCT 12’clock midday.

New Component Catalog

Previously we had a super fancy menu for selecting components and dragging them into the hotbar. However we decided to do a major change and going back to the old TUNG style:


^Video, click it. Alternative Youtube-Link

I hope you will love this change as much as we do!

Settings - quick and no long dirty!

Previously it was a pain to change a setting, one had to change it in code and compile the whole simulator, a restart would break all your work. Now a settings file exists. You can change it on runtime!


^Video, click it. Alternative Youtube-Link


We are now open source!!! Check out the git repository and feel free to contribute. Also a new Discord server for the open-source version has been created. Check it out too - if you are as exited as we are :)


You will not receive an email for this blog >:( Deal with it.

Source code: GitHub

New Discord-Server for further questions: Invite

Happy board building~

@yeboia1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

You could add a sidebar for inventory. (grabbing stuff not hotbar)

@AIdude1 year ago

Imagine doing LWW without LW but OpenTUNG

@Ecconia1 year ago

Let’s not hope anyone dares to, lol