(Legacy) Discord public server list

by @Ecconia4 months ago (edited4 months ago)

Before this forum was a thing, there was thread in the official games Discord server.
In there you could find all the public servers, it is still a thing, you can find it here:

However, there you cannot ask questions or respond, since only server-info-cards are allowed. Here you can comment to each server thread.

@Dani1 week ago

Its still there

@internet_man3 months ago

think it got shut down lol

@Ecconia3 months ago

Nah it is still a thing :)
If issues with the link, just join the Discord server check out the (archived) threads in the #logic-world channel.

@internet_man2 months ago

im certainly late, but anyways there are no new posts.

@Vykori4 months ago

Thank you for your thread! it’s been really helpful to me and I know a few others who used it really heavily