Logic World v0.90.3 is now available

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper7 months ago

Last week we released version 0.90.2 with lots of updates and fixes. Unfortunately, that version inadvertently introduced some new bugs, so today we’re releasing version 0.90.3 to squish them.


0.90.3 Changelog

  • Fixed ExtraData being reset every time a save was loaded. This caused impersistence of all the systems stored in ExtraData, such as Display configurations, the Flag order, and custom Gridlands settings.
  • Fixed volume slider values not being applied on game startup
  • Removed the secret settings regarding max audio voices, as making these values configurable is what caused the above bug
  • Fixed error screen when changing the number of pegs on a Panel Display when there are wires attached to it
  • 1x1 Panel Displays are now limited to a maximum of 3 pegs
  • Fixed servers allowing the placement of some invalid component types
  • Servers now have additional checks to ensure that components being placed are valid
  • Server-side checks now disallow making a component a child of its own children

@Flampt5 months ago

I have a problem, so I have two buffers and buffer A is connected to peg A and peg B and buffer B is connected only to peg B. Now when I turn on buffer A, everything is fine, but when I turn it off and turn on buffer B, it turns on both peg A and B because the buffer output for some reason behaves as a peg. Can this be fixed somehow?

@JimmyDeveloper5 months ago

This can be fixed by using Buffers instead of Fast Buffers. The behavior you describe is one tradeoff of using Fast Buffers.