NERD GOLF: Course 1

by @Ry1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

The Goal: to make the smallest circuits possible

1: You MUST provide a world/Board donwload for your creation
2: Only use boards that you made
3: Only use vanilla components unless specified (Mods like wire edit are allowed, but mods that let you do whats not possible in vanlla (like 2 inverters in the same spot) aren’t)
3 : Your Score Is Either Measured By Size, Time Or Both
4: Size is measured in the smallest intinger # of circuit board tiles sized box that your creation fits in, multiply the X, Y and Z size of the inside of the box
5: Time is measured by the # of ticks it takes from when the input is fed until the output is correct in ticks
6: If your score is measured by both, multiply the size score by the time score to get your score for that hole
6: Your total score is the score of all holes combined
5: Aim for the lowest score!

Nerd Golf Course 1: Made by Ryan (Size measured)

Hole 1: 1 Bit Multiplexer
Hole 2: 2 Bit Multiplexer
Hole 3: 4 Bit Multiplexer
Hole 4: 1 Bit Full Adder
Hole 5: 8 Bit Full Adder
Hole 6: 1 Bit Register
Hole 7: 8 Bit Register
Hole 8: 8 Bit Program Register
Hole 9: 2 Byte RAM (2 * 8 Bits)
Hole 10:2 Bit Demultiplexer
Hole 11:4 Bit Demultiplexer
Hole 12:4 Bit BCD to Seven Segment Display
Hole 13:4-Bit Binary to Seven Segment Display
Hole 14:6-Bit Binary to Seven Segment Display
Hole 15:4 Byte RAM (4 * 8 Bits)
Hole 16:8 Bit Adder + Subtractor
Hole 17:8 Bit ALU capable of ADD, SUB, OR, NOR, XOR, AND
Hole 18:8 Bit ALU capable of ADD, SUB, ADD + INC, SUB + DEC, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, AND, NAND and SHR

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