Logic World v0.91.2 is now available!

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper2 months ago

Salutations, gamers!

Logic World update v0.91.2 is now available for download! You can get it on Steam and Itch.io. This update contains numerous large performance improvements, some upgrades to the building mechanics, and a veritable plethora of tweaks, improvements, and bugfixes across many areas of the game. As usual, the full list of changes can be found below.

This is the first Logic World update that contains work from all five of us in the newly expanded core development team: Jimmy, Felipe, Zoey, Ecconia, and GHXX. We’re very proud of this update we’ve made together and we really hope you enjoy it.


If you haven’t yet, you may want to read last week’s State of the Logic World blog post, which goes into detail about the status of this project. You may also want to join our vibrant Discord community and subscribe to our very cool newsletter.

Thanks for playing. Much more will follow. We’ll see you soon :)

0.91.2 Changelog


  • Significantly improved loading times for larger worlds (>100,000 components) by batching collider instantiations.
  • Fixed an issue that made hot-loads slower than cold-loads for larger worlds. All worlds now load faster hot than cold.
  • Limited the maximum physics delta time to prevent physics death spirals. This should significantly improve framerates in large worlds for most cases.
  • Sockets find their connections faster now. This means that initial world loading times are faster in worlds with lots of Sockets, and furthermore, placing or moving a lot of sockets at the same time will create less severe lag spikes.
  • Server tick scheduling has been improved to reduce the amount of time the server can spend idle and not simulating the circuitry. Faster simulation speeds can now be accessed before the server starts skipping simulation time.
  • The simulation now tries to catch up lost time over multiple server ticks, and only begins skipping simulation time once the simulation tick debt crosses a configurable threshold.
  • Removed the server config value MaxAllowedTimeStepSeconds, and replaced with with the new server config value MaxAllowedSimulationTickDebtSeconds, due to the new simulation catch-up system described above.
  • Assorted additional optimizations.


  • Improved item movement during Multi-Grab and Multi-Clone operations. Items are much better at finding nearby valid placements, have a far greater tolerance for vertical displacement, and conform more strictly to their target rotations.
  • Added secret setting: MHG.Placing.Secret.MultiPlacementMaxVerticalVariance
  • Added secret setting: MHG.Placing.Secret.MultiPlacementCastHeightIncrement
  • Edge extensions are now only enabled during fine placement, so it’s easier to place circuit boards into tight spaces.
  • Fixed false-negatives when detecting valid placements; you should now never be erroneously prevented from placing objects next to each other.


  • By default, servers will no longer automatically save the game or make au