An update on Logic World development!

by @JimmyDeveloper1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

Hey hey hey! Logic World came out today and it is just delightful and wondrous to see you all playing it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who has bought the game and talked about it and shared their creations and left a review. It has been a crazy day but I am so lucky to be here right now.

As many of you have noticed, the game is not quite flawless. Please go here for a list of commonly encountered issues and ways to deal with them, as well as instructions for reporting any new bugs you discover.

We will be releasing a patch update, 0.90.1, to address as many issues as we can. I would love to get this update out to you tonight, but unfortunately there’s an issue: I have been working very long hours for the past month or so to prepare for this launch. As a result I gave myself a repetitive strain injury. My wrists are in pretty constant pain, especially while I’m typing (editor’s note: Jimmy is dictating to his mother, currently transcribing his words). At this point I really need to take a few days to let myself heal.

Thus, I won’t be working on Logic World for a few days. I expect to release 0.90.1 late next week. I’m sorry for the delay, but my health must take priority 🙂

Thanks for a great launch, my friends! Many more updates to follow.


@GalaxP1 year ago

Hope you get well soon

@Mollex981 year ago

U are gigachad 😝

@Stenodyon1 year ago

Get well soon <3

@JimmyDeveloper1 year ago

Thank u ♥ working on it!