Oh no, logicworld.net ate my screenshots, what now??

by @Ecconia1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

LogicWorld has some user interface issue and another bug when it comes to uploading screenshots…

For most users it is obvious, that this button has to be pressed to upload a screenshot:


What however is not obvious, is that one has to click the image, to insert a link into the thread, without that step the image won’t appear.


But wait, that is not everything. There is a high chance that when posting your new thread, the images will disappear including links - like what the heck?

So how do you handle this issue, your thread is already created :/ Is there a way to fix this??


  • You start another new thread (you won’t ever submit it), and upload the images using the big plus button on that thread.
  • Then you click the images to acquire the markdown-links to the images.
  • Now you can copy that full markdown-image links and paste them in the old thread, where the upload initially failed.
  • As last step you can just close the newly created thread, you do not need it anymore.

You did inject your images properly they appeared, but now after some weeks or months they are broken? The server says “Access Denied”?

There was a bug on this website, which deleted images which still had been in use (Active 2022-Jan still). It also ate some of my images.
But fear not @pipe01 has for now prevented this bug from happening.

The only thing you can do when this happens is to reupload the image as described above and replace the links.
Thus always store and keep your images :)

@Ecconia1 year ago (edited1 year ago)

Lol a comment in a comment, hehehe:


You can also abuse this technique to insert images into your comments. A feature that had been removed a while ago.