Logic World Wednesdays: The Edition at the Edge of the World

by @MouseHatGamesDeveloper1 month ago

The Edge of the World - Jimmy

Last week was my birthday, and as a treat I let myself work on something fun and frivolous.

Due to the decaying precision of floating-point numbers, in Logic World players are prevented from traveling more than 15km from the world origin on any axis. (That’s a huge playable area which I don’t expect to ever be constraining for anybody). Previously, the world borders were invisible walls, but I’ve added this lovely glowy-membrane effect when you get close for some visual feedback.

I had a lot of fun with this feature. I really enjoy working on graphics. Someday I’ll make a game full of dazzling special effects, but for now I’m quite pleased to have this mesmerizing material lurking in the farthest reaches of Logic World.

Website Improvements - Felipe

A feature many of you have been asking for a long time is user mentions, and this week I’ve been working on it. The first step was to extend the Markdown renderer we use to support them, which involved creating a fork. Then, all that was needed is highlighting the names in some color. Mentioned users will not get pinged yet, but that should be done soon. I’ve also added some indicators to external links to make sure you know you’re leaving the site.

new forum features.png

Here are a couple mentions for you to try out: @pipe01, @Jimmy.

Finally, headers in posts and comments will now have a link on their left when you hover over them, letting you copy a link that will scroll down to that header automatically.

Building the Building - Jimmy

As I spoke about last week, I’ve been working on Logic World’s sexy new building mechanics! I was really hoping to show some of those off today, but sadly they’re just not ready yet. I’ll have an awesome video or two next Wednesday, but for now I’ll share a brief overview of the new system.

As you walk around in Logic World, you can use right click to place components. Pressing right click creates a ghost component which you can move around. Releasing right click places the ghost in the world.

Once you have components in the world, you can use various Build Operations on them. A Build Operation is something that changes the world using one or more components. Some examples of Build Operations are:

  • Move component(s)
  • Rotate component(s)
  • Duplicate component(s)
  • Resize component(s)
  • Edit component(s)
  • Stack component(s)

Each Build Operation has a hotkey, and you can initiate an Operation on a component by simply looking at it and pressing that hotkey. Alternatively, you can left click on a component to open up a lovely radial menu which displays all available Operations and lets you pick from them graphically.

You can also perform any Operation on a group of components instead of a single one; for example, you can pick up ten separate components and move them as a group, instead of moving them one by one as you would need to before.

Also, the new system supports undo and redo!

This new system is coming together wonderfully. In addition to the much better UI, it is also much more performant than what we were using before; creating and destroying very large groups of components is buttery smooth, and I’m not even finished optimizing yet.

I can’t wait to show you more from Buildo Swaggins (my affectionate pet name for the new building system). Stay tuned :D

We’ll keep releasing these weekly updates right up until the game comes out. To make sure you don’t miss them, you can sign up for our newsletter. Be sure also to wishlist Logic World on Steam and join the official Discord.

See you next Wednesday!

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@Ecconia1 month ago

That border is looking fancy as flower-land!

I also asked this on YT, but “Will it blend?” as in, will different colored Bobbys cause color mixing, would probably be very pretty.

Website user highlighting

@pipe01 Thanks a lot for this!

Ahh you said that you did not add actual pinging of users yet. Regards this I do have a question. Assume for example there is a bug in the comment-box, like when I press SHIFT+ENTER it sends the message instead of adding a newline. In that case the user might want to make @pipe01 aware of it, and edits the message to ping @pipe01. Would pipe01 receive the ping, although his ping was not in the original mistakenly-send message?

@JimmyDeveloper1 month ago

I also asked this on YT, but “Will it blend?” as in, will different colored Bobbys cause color mixing, would probably be very pretty.

Yes indeed! You can see a bit of that in the video, where the red and blue bobbies have some purple in between them.

@vigilantehobo1 month ago

Shader implementation guess: Create lines between high points of perlin noise moving through an extra dimension

@JimmyDeveloper1 month ago

Close! It’s Voronoi noise, so the lines are generated for me, no extra processing needed. And rather than shifting through an extra dimension, I’m slowly shifting the angle offset that is used to generate the noise. (Which looks very similar to shifting through an extra dimension.)

I actually started by using 4D noise, and shifting through that fourth dimension in addition to the angle offset stuff. It looked somewhat more awesome, but was extremely laggy, so I dropped down to 3D noise.

@ThatEpicBanana1 month ago

I think it’s getting the high point closest like voronoi noise and then finding the edges