Public Server: Ecconia's

by @Ecconia4 months ago (edited1 month ago)

Hello, this is my server, which I am running since almost the launch of this game. Since then it runs without break. So it is one of the oldest servers.
The join takes a very long time (20 minutes is possible) - if you do not have the mod by @gnog, which speeds it up significantly. You can get the mod in the official Discord, here:

Server information:

Version: v0.90.3
Security: verified mode (description below)
World type: Grid
Runs: 247


  • Put your name on your creations, else they might be removed.
  • Do not use this server as your test server to find crashes, since that is an inconvenience for others using it.
  • Do not edit things others have made, you may copy them of course.
  • Do not spam components, keep your builds non-scattered and best at a certain area.
  • Do not use more flags that you have to, since these cause a bigger amount of client-lag.
  • Turn off machines when you do not use them anymore, and add the ability to do so to your own. (This shrinks network traffic significantly).
  • Building sound-machine to either cause lag or play unnatural or hurtful sounds will get you banned ASAP.


The world is by now roughly 13MB big. Hence it will take a long time to join. On windows you might even crash while doing so.
Reduce your render distance to the minimum (30), so that your client has to do less work. Helps some players.
Please install the mod by @gnog, click the link at the beginning of this post, to download the mod which fixes joining.

The server is running in verified mode. That means you have to be logged into your account.
To do that open the games main menu and press the “log in” button in the top left corner.
If you are not logged in the server gives an error message similar to this: “Could not verify your account”